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  • Very good product.

    posted by nl2br

    Very good bulbs, bring a nice, bright and white light, whether on the headlamps or in the interior lights such as the reading light or the trunk light.
    None so far.
    Recommended purchase. Note that I was looking for some bulb which would fit in every place, so I chose this by its small size. But now that I realize, maybe bigger bulbs of this type would also fit nicely in many places of my car.
  • Good LED Brake lights

    posted by dpollok

    *Good price.*Plenty bright for car lights.*Fits standard brake lights.*Very defined off and on blink compared to standard incandescent bulbs.
    Looking forward to these lasting a long time.
    Good product, great price.
  • It's a 42mm dome light with 6 LED

    posted by SimonW

    It is very good price considering shipping is included.
    Fit on 31mm dome light socket althought one of the socket will be a little pushed open.
    Not knowing the size of this dome light, I bought it to try on my Honda. Most Honda uses 31mm dome light, not 42mm. It will fit in the socket, but one of the side will be tilted a little. It's hard to tell when the cover is back on.
  • well it works

    posted by roarg

    it works and fits.....
    its a Car Brake Yellow Light 4 LED 2W DC12V (2-Pack) :
    what can i say other than that...
    Car Brake Yellow Light 4 LED 2W DC12V (2-Pack) :
    Car Brake Yellow Light 4 LED 2W DC12V (2-Pack) :
    Car Brake Yellow Light 4 LED 2W DC12V (2-Pack) :
    Car Brake Yellow Light 4 LED 2W DC12V (2-Pack) :
  • Magnificent bike lights

    posted by flaperonrc

    I bought these lights to drive surer in the night. It does little, a car almost knocks down me, but it saw the lights and could avoid me (I know it because the driver said it to me). Because of it, I am very satisfied with the visibility that these lights contribute in my bicycle.
    It is a good item to upgrade your bike and up your security.

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