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  • versatile but no manual

    posted by daggett1

    It's functioning as a spectrometer when you power it : 2 buttons for changing color and line-mode, 2 has no apparent effect.The controller is 80C51 compatible, and there is a serial connector, so it's time for hacking !
    It must be powered with 1A, there are several chips on it : a 12C5A32 microcontroller, a DS1302Z serial RTC, a infrared receiver VS1838, 2quartz 30MHz & 32.768kHz, 2 74HC245D bus transceivers, a lithium cell, a PowerOn LED, 1 large 10V 470uF capa, 1 soldered 16pins connector + 2 unsoldered to drive 16x64 displays, 1serial connector (RX/TX), 1 4-pin connector (VCC,DAT,ND,GND).
    So I think this will be a good board for hacking. I bought that instead of the bare LED 16x64 screen because of the microcontroller board for only a few more $$.
  • good replacement for normal spot

    posted by Raymond19723

    fun to play with colorseasy on / off without reaching for the main switchselecting yellow/orange is a good choice for 'warm' color.
    more like the philips lamps would increase quality of the color, same for the amount of liighti bought both the e14 and gu10. 4 lamps total, behind and above a bar. the one behind the bar will go back to warm white to be able to see enough
    good replacement, fun to be able to change colors but not a good replacement for white light when needed (color and brightness)
  • RGB LED 110-220 volts SPOT

    posted by windman

    Small, light, seems to be programmable.
    It created major colors and clors are vivid and light intensitiy is good.
    I creates a circle on ceiling form meter like a tracer on theatre stages. Light is not difused and focused well on surface. Remote controller has battery with package.
    For this price it is very fun to watch it blends colors, fades in or our, or just coloring your wall.
    If you are a LED fan go get it. I liked it!
  • very cool lamp!

    posted by liorfrig

    all you have to do is screw the light bulb in, and you have yourself a colorful atmosphere whenever you'd like!the bulb itself is tiny and designed pretty nicely.the remote is easy to use, and got a lot of mood and color options!
    very nice gadget! all together i'm pretty satisfied.
    get it! its cool and in good quality!just read my cons so you'll know what to expect.
  • nice light bulb :D

    posted by iCABBAGESi

    Works here in the UK (240v) No mention of voltage in the description but in one pic it says 110v - 240v :D.Has quite a few different colours and modes.
    Heres a video of this bulb working -----> http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=iM5r1S3gopo
    its quite a cool light bulb :D But make sure its goin to fit yrou fitting before you buy !

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