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led 12v smd mr16

Welcome to our led 12v smd mr16 online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

led 12v smd mr16 Customers Reviews

  • Good, but not the best

    posted by pedralca79

    The price is so cheap for the quality of that item. I bougth two to change 50w lamp.
    This lamps fits perfectly in the base of dicroical lamps.
    The 5'5 W makes this item a perfect item to save money.Probably I will bougth two more.Cheap item, cheap ligth!!
  • Nice little L.E.D light

    posted by Atix07

    The first thing i did was to crack open the one I receive the circuit board include some led and resistor no protection. I used a couple of lr44 to create portable light it is powerenough (30W-40w) and last 3-4 hours on 8 lr44 witch is nice
    compere to other led on this site this is one of the best one I have try and for DIY guy the fact that it's a 12V module make it a realy nice for different project.
    I have bought a couple of those and will create different battery operated lantern and flashligh like device :)
  • good lighting

    posted by vashkaz

    Good, solid, bright light for its priceAbove average build qualitySaves lots money on electricity in long run compared to halogens, especially if you have a lot of them :)Brightness is somewhere between 20W and 35W halogen bulb
    Maybe a little less value in Lumens-per-Watt than more expensive products, but you can't demand more for such a price :)Brightness is somewhere between 20W and 35W halogen bulb
    Good product for decent price
  • The best MR16 bulb I bought

    posted by pfg1982

    - Emits nice white light that's not too cool like some other LED bulbs are.- Light does not flicker; easy on the eyes.- Some MR16 bulbs are too 'tall' and protrudes when installed in existing halogen bulb sockets. This bulb has almost identical dimensions as conventional halogen bulb. Which means you can easily replace your halogen bulb with this LED bulb without worries.- Plastic cover at the front looks cheap, but it protects the LEDs.- Vented holes surrounding the front means it allows good ventilation to cool the heatsink at the back of the bulb.
    The overall construction of this bulb is pretty rugged. I won't need handle it with extreme caution, worrying it will drop and break into pieces. I've had SKU39768 and it's made of the same shell as conventional halogen bulbs, so it's literally breakable and it did break because I dropped it accidentally...
    This is one of the best MR16 bulbs available. Comfortable white light with no flicker, reasonable brightness and rugged construction...Definitely one of the MR16 bulbs I'd recommend...
  • Very well constructed

    posted by auesp

    Very good brightness, light is stronger than I expected, construction is sturdy and well designed.Has a glass type protection for the leds, so there is no way to get oil from the fingers onto the leds.
    I will wait for a few months before buying more lamps to be sure about its lifetime.
    Good product. Will buy more. I have to wait more time to see if this lamp has the lifetime as stated, many led lamps I bought from DX had a early failure.

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