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led 12v bulbs 9 Customers Reviews

  • Good, very bright, very blue, almost "black light

    posted by RRRR11

    Extremely bright - especially for blue light. It almost looks like a black light because of the way it shines off all surfaces. I like the look!
    Happy with purchase overall.
    Looks cool!
  • very good lighting

    posted by lucasmatias

    very good lighting, light enough, a white very nice to have the car, inside the car is fully illuminated, and the good that you can target it, here in Brazil it would cost $ 12 each, and it comes out here on DX much cheaper and good quality.
    I recommend it to everyone and a very good price with a product too and very easy to install, and it's great to have this car and the lighting makes the car value.
  • I love the white light!

    posted by cutetat

    These bulbs are bright and white! They are as bright as the halogen bulbs I was using and produce a white light almost similar to fluorescent light, love it! The plastic casing also mean they are easy to handle unlike the halogen ones which heats up to the point that you cannot touch them. The price is great too.
    Great light for rooms that need lots of light, I have them in my kitchen. Would see how long these will last, anytime longer than a year would be great.
    Great price for a very bright bulb. would highly recommend to anyone.
  • wooow!!!

    posted by balablanca

    A good red SMD LED lamp. I have four placed in my car for iluminate the foots.The light is very birght and you didn´t need more lumens for iluminate this zone.So this light is amazing. My car looks diferent with this lamps. I will buy more.
    I recomend it so much. I don´t need to saw any more.
    I can recomend them, for this price you cant get wrong. If you need a good LED lamp for less price buy it.
  • So So Cool

    posted by Zelka

    - nice white bright light
    - fairly easy (sometimes tool less) install
    - adds a nice extra little something to your car
    - cheap and affordable price for what it is
    - packaged well!
    - really nice looking
    - much better than stock yellow look (which is kind of gross :S)
    If your car has yellowish colored lights, definitely get these, makes a world of difference, especially on newer cars!

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