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led 1200 lumen Customers Reviews

  • Ultra-bright thrower/flood, highly versatile (AAs)

    posted by jbgrant

    - Extremely bright, by comparison against other lights, this makes about 900-1000 lumens on high. - The beams is of course not as clean as single LED lights, but the 5 LEDS integrate together very well to produce a powerful thick spot, and enough spill to use this as a bike light (primary light)- Quite efficient: does not generate nearly the heat of the new 4-chip high-wattage LED's like that used in the Fenix TK-40 (this light is much brighter, has a more useful beam, and generates much less heat than the TK-40)- 4-piece body and 4-12v operation accommodates a plethora of battery setups. I am involved in occasional search and rescue operations at night it is important to have a light that can run well on AA cells in a pinch (see more info below)-Well designed, very heavy 5X cree heatsink that does a decent job of heat transfer to the body- High-Med-Low modes very useful, strobe is about a 4hz attack pulse - With the extension tube for 3x18650, this light fits 4xAA (NiMH) very well. I added a plastic wire I can insert to keep AAs from rattling in the body. Useful runtime (2600mah AAs) on high is 45 minutes from 500 lumens to 200, 1.5 hours down to 100 lumens. This is nearly as bright as the fenix TK-40 running on just AA's, it blows the fenix out of the water on proper lithium cells. (Have not tested runtime on 18650s yet)- Came decently packaged from DX!! (double wrapped and well tapped, then in a durable padded shipping envelope- Very good value for build quality, 5x Cree 5's, functionality - Easy to dissemble
    - I put arctic silver heat sink compound on between all body parts that do not need to be routinely opened. This is most critical between the machined internal heat sink/reflector and the head of the body. In cool (60f) weather, this light can run 30 minutes on high without getting hot or loosing brightness- Build quality is almost there, but not quite. I would not do a submergence until at least one O-ring in the body that does not make proper metal-metal contact is replaced with a fatter one. - I'm going to do some heavy mountain biking with this light, we will see how it takes the g-forces- On the road cycling, cars cannot tell I'm a bike at night and give me lots of room (the spill is very intense, but not blinding)
    Don't expect a perfect build, but do expect a well-functioning super-bright light with a very useful combination beam pattern. Superior to most P7 or Cree MC-E built lights because at full power, the P7 and MC-E are only producing ~65-70 lumens per watt, while the Cree Q5 array is making 90-100.
  • Awesome

    posted by drpsht

    Huge amount of light, good throw, decent spill. Stable on offroad. Battery sack has a built in belt loop. "Mid" mode is actually quite lower than "Max", unlike other light out there. Charger is "smart": red led for charging, green for full.
    Great light for pitch black night riding, not so much for the park(it's overkill for the pedestrians)
  • A nice addition to my collection

    posted by ilianbg

    It's very bright. This is my brightest flashlight to date. When you put your hand in front of it you can feel the heat. I also have SKU 852 which is bright, but this one is noticeably brighter. Build quality is good. I like the finish very much.
    I got SKU 20392 for batteries. They are a perfect fit.
    This one is a keeper. If you like flashlights, get one
  • Haven't seen a brighter flashlight since purchase

    posted by tyrannus

    - Excellent brightness : able to light up car plates and road signs hundreds of meters away, can provide more light than most domestic bulbs or light up an entire field like it's daytime.- Sturdy : accidentally felt down my 7 stories building into grass, flashlight didn't get a scratch, battery still worked with the upper pin a bit crushed. Still the same battery life (18650 unit) after many uses, can be used for 10+ hours in medium or low light settings, which are mostly sufficient.
    This high quality lamp has been providing me with a reliable light source for many nights, plus it's very helpful in dimly lit rooms when you need to find something without hurting your eyes. Almost too powerful, most times the highest setting is more than needed, this could almost compete with professional Maglite units, and would surely be helpful in a defensive situation.
    If I had to buy another now, I'd probably try out new focusable models. However, this product has been satisfying me for a year and doesn't show any wear sign, so I might keep using it for some time. And if I actually need a new at some point, I'll surely check out Ultrafire products again. Thank you again, DX.
  • Good lights!

    posted by mihanick1213

    Good quality. Easy to install. Quite bright. Mix well with my T10 light LED signal light bulbs.
    The light from the lamps is directed forward. When viewed from the side they are not so visible in daylight. I would be more of LEDs with the same size bulbs, even if it increases their cost.
    This is a good buy, despite some shortcomings.


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