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Every single led 10w displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. diy 10w led, 10w white led may be more suitable for you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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  • So Far So Good

    posted by jlinnema

    Incredibly easy to solder due to the extended legs with through holes. Quite bright. Cool runningSeems to be the correct colors for plant response
    I received 4 of these just a few days ago. Currently running a 19.5V constant voltage supply, 3.3 OHM (10 W) resistor, and then two grow lights in series. The lights are affixed to a 3/8" thick plate of Al with an old P4 heatsink on the other side. Ran for 8 hours with minimal heat buildup and the basil seemed to respond well (went from curved towards the window to vertical while on)
    Much cheaper than purchasing a combination of 8 red and 1 blue LED, and so far seem to be functioning as expected.
  • Useful LED set

    posted by fuliautomatixNZ

    Very bright, probably around the same as a 30W bulb. There is no lens on the LED so the light is spread in a wide beam.
    The LED obviously requires some soldering, it is very easy to solder as the terminals are thin and easy to heat, I used the 9W led driver board to ensure I don't cook the LED. http://www.dx.com/p/9w-3-led-power-drivers-for-mr16-lamp-light-12v-5-pack-66274
    Its all good.
  • Nice Brakelight

    posted by Parvolo

    -Doesn't feel cheap, it's heavy.-Very bright, its brighter then a standard brake light.-Makes your standard light casing look fancy.-Improves the visibility of you for other drivers.
    Its verry bright, unfortunately because of the red filter from my car it's a less bright when it's fully mounted inside the backlight unit. But thats just my car. May be different in other cars.
    Looks awesome, definitly a nice brake light. If you want to spice up your car without changing the whole braklight unit, this is the solution.
  • Daylight LED...

    posted by wampyz

    high-output relative to the colour temperature... convenient cob panel allows for easy heat-sinking when driven at maximum current... good light beam divergence...
    used two of these to retrofit a burned out standing torchiere lamp... powered by an old 12V 1.6A switching power supply from an old networking appliance... if you've got standard ceilings, two is probably all you'll need... might need to add a third panel or a diffuser to spread the light out more if you have very high ceilings...
    great component for retrofitting to LEDs...
  • Very bright!!

    posted by TIPtheTOE

    Bright!!! and Blinding 9 emitters Not bad,RED Light had no problem installing them to my Suzuki Burgman 400 K7 Rear Asse there very Visible on the Streets
    Running them off a Mini SKU: 126106 DC Voltage Stabilizer/Regulator Module with no problems for 4 weeks now, there worth it? Buy them
    Color leds really don't get as Hot as White does only a Half a us Dollar size heat sink was needed, No problems running them from 12v-13v Engine


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