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You will be surprised our best led 10w 12v with an artful design and an amazing price. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. 12v led spotlight or led transformer 12v contains many hot and popular products. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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led 10w 12v Customers Reviews

  • Very good.

    posted by drewcrosby

    Very bright for their size.Cool color temperature without being blue.Lower power consumption/lumen ratio compared to incandescent bulbs that they replaced.All the individual LEDs are working; No dim/bad units.
    Before ordering these, it's a good idea to measure how deep the light fixture is that these will be going in. They're a little longer than standard 194/W5W/T10 light bulbs. And it's a good idea to put a little dielectric grease on the contacts before installing, just in case any rain water leaks into the fixture.
    These went into the cargo light fixture of my pickup truck. They light up the bed nicely. Recommended.
  • Very bright

    posted by OhhWell

    This panel is quite bright and also as an unexpected bonus, not as directional as I feared. What that means is that the light isn't all concentrated in one direction like a tight flashlight beam. Obviously, it is not as wide as an incandescent bulb but it's not too bad. The adhesive tape is 3M branded.
    I used this to replace the amber exterior light on our travel trailer. We leave the light on at night for safety when camping and sometimes are off the power grid. The incandescent bulbs in an RV are typically about 13 watts so this panel doesn't give me a huge power savings based on its 10watt rating but it is quite bright. Also, it is so white, it somewhat overpowers the amber casing and attracts bugs. I have to decide if I want the greater illumination and small power savings or switch to a smaller panel with less battery drain.
    This is a very good and bright LED panel with connectors that should fit just about any light receptacle within its target usage. The price is great for this many elements.
  • Bright LEDs

    posted by Crowbot

    Light housing good quality. Threads and seals in good shape. Lens and LED are clean. Wires are a bit small, but good quality.
    They do get hot, so make sure they're bolted to something metal to draw the heat out, or have good airflow over them.The flashing sequence on start up is nice. Also the full flashing feature (with white wire connected) would make for great indicator lights.
    I'd buy them again, at this (10) price.
  • Bright

    posted by heng84

    Great product seriously.. im running this led with a driver.. im not sure if this can be run from ac current...since the wires are in brown and blue.. i am not too sure about it..
    i use this to colour up my feature walls.. i dint expect it to be extremely bright.. but it was good for a 10w lamp.
    bought four of these it really brightens up my pond feature wall.. im definitely loving this light for many mroe years to come
  • Very good lamp

    posted by NotumV

    Being a motorcycle lamp has everything you need, the material is strong, also has all threaded parts come with a silicone seal provides perfect insulation against the ravages of climate
    Apart from being used in a motorcycle can be used fully at home. Clearly, the circuit must be armed with 12volt, but it works well.
    For any use, it will be a good option. (For motorcycles, cars and even for home)

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