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You'll find the best led 100 lumen for you here. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Try browsing cree led lumen, 10w led lumen. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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led 100 lumen Customers Reviews

  • Very bright white leds!

    posted by BMW318TI

    Why buy these leds:
    -The leds are very bright it's almost to bright it hurts your eyes haha.
    -The leds unit has a great big beam angle.
    -Less power consumption and longer lifetime.
    -The leds unit is very builded and I love the included converters.
    Also the unit is made of metal so it will stay cool when it's working.
    Overall great product if you want more light in your car. You wouldn't be dissapointed so don't hestitate and buy them!
  • Very good quality

    posted by aer0101

    - The LEDs are very bright at night- The build quality is really good. With an iron cap on the back to avoid overheating- Fits perfect in my Passat B5 (License plate)- packed in a protection case!
    I used these LEDs at my license plate of my VW Passat B5. They fitted very well and at night they give my plate a nice light. very strong light!
    Maybe i will buy these for the interior of my car because they are really good!
  • Very bright flashlight

    posted by Zorzi

    It is cheap, uses standard, easy to find AA batteries (2xAA) and is veeery bright. It produces a surprisingly bright and uniform white flood. The flood is not so wide, though, which I think increases the usable distance.
    I wouldn't rely solely on these flashlights to explore a cave, although none of them failed when in use by me yet. For mission critical situations, I suggest having a better build quality flashlight as backup. For any other occasions, these are great flashlights. The brightness is amazing for a 2xAA flashlight.
    Maybe there are better options (i.e. better build quality 2xAA flashlights) for similar price now, but when I bought them these were the cheapest. Check the available options and the user reviews.
  • Best small light ever

    posted by Peter4501

    Have 3 of these lights now, they are excellent and very bright for a AAA battery device.Use one every day at night time to get around the place as it is so small and easy to carry in the top pocket.Another is packed away in the geocache bag just in case we need it, and another in the backpack also just in case, and thinking of another one.
    Ideal torch for backpacks, camping boxes, glove box, even in bike repair kits and first aid kits.
    It might seem expensive for a little torch like this, but I assure that it is worth every penny.A very bright surprise.
  • Very bright - Perfect for Car Dome Light

    posted by gilbercm

    This is a great little LED light bulb. I've had it installed in my Toyota Camry as a dome light for several months now and I've really enjoyed it. It's much brighter than the standard halogen festoon bulb and it gives a crisp, white light that makes my car look much more like a high-tech luxury car.
    This bulb has very low power consumption so if you accidentally leave your interior lights on, you don't have to worry about running your battery down, which is another plus.
    This is a great way to add functionality to your vehicle's lighting and add to the vehicle's appearance for a very small price.

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