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led 1 meter Customers Reviews

  • Nice item but watch out: common cathode!

    posted by mrnmrnmrn

    * these strips are really bright!
    * well made, strip is completely embedded in 5mm thick clear plastic on both sides, means the flexible circuit and smt resistors are well protected from damage (unlike some of the other paper-thin strips)
    * you don't need to look twice to see this should be 100% waterproof
    * clearly marked where you can cut off 3-led sections if you need less than a full metre.
    * prewired with 25cm leads (RGB+white common cathode) joined into mini 4-pin connector
    * although not mentioned in the details, this includes a mini controller (I guess it wouldn't otherwise make sense to have an RGB strip, with a plain 12V connection and no way to change colours). You can just about see this in the picture, it's around 1" long and covered in black heatshrink. This is fitted with 60cm lead and runs straight from a 12V dc supply.
    * controller didn't come with power socket as pictured, mine just had bare wires. but then I wasn't expecting any of it anyway!
    * Not as nice to look at as the black pvc strips (where the flexible circuit is black, and they paint over the smt resistors). But this is definitely more robust than those 1-2mm thin pvc-coated strips, and I'd certainly favour this one if you need something waterproof.
    * Nice product if you want a bright, waterproof RGB strip and your driving circuit expects a common cathode.
    * DX really should specify if their RGB strips are common anode or common cathode :(
  • very effective lighting

    posted by KiwiJ

    very good at throwing the light out at a wide angle, and plenty of it. Found a new use on the back door of my camper to floodlight the campsite! Has plenty of 'wow' factor too.
    would be also great for mood lighting in the home
    The actual strip is well designed and made, and also appears robust. The cheap wiring seems an afterthought - i suggest it is simply not included!
  • Broken

    posted by tatymrs

    -The leds are very bright.-The 3M adhesive is excellent for paste it on the wall-They look very good wherever you put them
    I bought the strip and the controller. The package was smashed so the strip has some chips out of place making a false contact and one of them came out impossible to repair, so 3 leds don´t work, and other 6 leds don´t work in blue or red only green. This is the second time i bought this, it was going to be a present for my boyfriend but sadly they don´t work properly. The first time i bought only the strip so the package was send as a letter right to my home in perfect conditions.
    You must buy this you will be very proud showing to people your led trip and how it works. I put them in my bedroom.
  • Great value, great colour mixing possibilities

    posted by nilskaa

    Great build quality, produces clear RGB colours and combines to give perfect white light.12v to drive the LED'sput inline resistors to R, G, B to mix colours.
    I will be building a small circuit with 3 variable resistors so I can adjust to the perfect colour warmth for lighting the kitchen shelves (ligting all RGB gives white light, but need a hint of yellow - so will reduce the blue a little).
    Buy it!! First time it is handy to get the kit with the driver/effects box. It can be used to experiment and meassure values so you can build your own circuit.
  • Amazing amount of light

    posted by Manutara

    Good price, the same price as a 30 led MR16 (in my country) and the light quality is spectacular.
    You can cut it in order to have “mini stripes”.
    Comes with a self adhesive surface (3M)
    You can cut this strip every 3 led, but also you can connect one strip to another. You have to use your level 1 solder skills, for me (I haven’t solder in years) took me 30 min to arrange a 2 unit stripe for my kitchen.
    See my kitchen project photos for an example of home lighting.

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