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leather flip case Customers Reviews

  • It saved my phone

    posted by Bert1952

    It is made of beautiful leather; the plastic parts are strong. All the functions of the phone operate normal. You can use the camera and take the pen out, you can push all the buttons.It is quite cheap for this quality.
    Today my phone fell out of my pocket, on the street. A car drove over it. Two of the plasctic cornertips of the cover are broken, but my phone is completely undamaged!So now I immediately ordered a new one.
    Get one!
  • Nice and comfortable case

    posted by walericBel

    1. It Looks like more expensive thing2. Good quality3. It doesn't disturb me to use all Nexus buttons and other features4
    It worth to buy. Good quality, pretty comfortable thing. It doesn't make my nice Nexus 7 much bigger, and tablet still fits my pockets. I noticed after about 5 month of active use that it a little torn at the edges, but it still looks quite accurately.
    It worth to buy! Even only to use for half of a year ) But i still use it and hope i'll use for a year
  • Excellent quality for price

    posted by VXRMike

    Very Cheap to alternativesProtects all the phone when closedEasy to apply and remove phoneReal leather feel
    Maybe use with a screen protector if your phone is open often.
    Excellent price for quality - Wouldn't pay for the official ones!Case is simple to use and causes no damaged if you have to take it out and put it in alot.
  • Is indeed cute

    posted by Xcon74

    Fits the iPad Mini very nicely.The printing on the sides are very cute and the target audience will love it. Feels like an old school book kind of.Gave this one to my daughter who loved it and the iPad Mini is in safe hands with this nice book cover.Sturdy feeling when in "book-mode".
    Price could be adjusted/lowered somewhat or the overall quality be improved.
    Looks great and you feel that your expensive iPad Mini is protected.
  • Perfect protectio for my One-X

    posted by GerbiE

    Perfect fit for my One-X, good drip on all 4 corners and all buttons & connections are still easy to reach. The plastic feels sturdy - I havan't dropped it yet but I think it will survive.
    not really. Why do I have to get to 500 characters when there is not very nuch more to say about a simple, but good product ?
    recommended. Far better than the others I've used which broke apart within a few weeks.


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