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leather case pouch black

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase leather case pouch black here and you can save money at the same time. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

leather case pouch black Customers Reviews

  • Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S III

    posted by GrAnd

    The quality of case is good enough. It's sewed accurately, no odd threads are found. It's more hard than soft, so it can protect the phone not only from dust and scratches, but even in case of unexpected drop. It fits the phone ideally.
    Despite of the fact that it's tight (yet), the phone can be easily be retrieved by pulling the embedded string.
    Leather case with good protection.
  • this is the best case I bought for 3dollars!

    posted by dondeen

    This is like the best case I have ever bought for three dollars! The first couple of uses, the case was pretty tight on the phone but that was expected. The little tab at the back is used to pul the phone out of the case which is such an amazing design you dont even have to pull with alot of force so you dont have to worry about breaking it.
    I am completely happy with this and it will always be used when I have my phone with me.
    If you have a samsung galaxy note two, you should deffinatly buy this especially if you want a case but dont want to add any extra bulk to your already giant phone. It protects your phonefrom scratches and keeps your phone atleast a little bit safe .
  • Nice strong pouch for a good price.

    posted by kolsthoorn

    This protective PU Leather Pouch case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 really helps my Samsung Galaxy S4 from getting scratches on the screen. The pouch feels strong and my Galaxy S4 fits in perfectly. Once my Galaxy S4 is in the pouch, the pouch fully covers my phone to protect it.
    Summarized, this is a very good pouch for a good price. I recommend people using this pouch to protect their Galaxy S4.
  • Value for money

    posted by izotz

    Value for money. Quite cheap for a case. The strip allows you to take the mobile out easily.
    It fits quite well for my i9250. Probably it gets a bit big in my pocket, but I prefer my device to be protected this way.
    This value for money, a cheap solution if you want to feel that your mobile is protected.
  • Very good case!

    posted by tatianeps

    Helps to protect the screen. Even though I use screen protector on my devices, I like to use a protective leather case to keep my gadgets safe from other stuff inside the bag or backpack.
    If you want a protective case for Samsung Galaxy S3 already with a decorative silicone case on its back, this is the case you need.
    There would be a little unused space left inside the cover with the S3 is inside it, but the S3 with a silicone cover requires a some more space than a cover designed for S3 has available.

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