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The perfect leather case cover here to meet all your needs. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. View more by looking at leather iphone case, leather laptop case. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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leather case cover Customers Reviews

  • good product

    posted by wazupworld

    in general seems to be a good product, but as I can not use, cant properly evaluate
    improved package to ensure that arrives in perfect condition
    usually buy a lot of things on this site and always without problems, but only this time is that I had bad luckI've been waiting one month and now had this unpleasant surprise.
  • great protection for your gear, can't do without

    posted by Roeltje82

    This item is a must-have for every Tab2 owner. It provides great protection for your Galaxy Tab2 and has a feature in which you can keep it in an upright position (landscape), so you can for example whatch movies, make videocalls, without having to hold the Tab in your hands. It's made out of a material that copies leather, has all the right cut-outs for speakers, camera, charger, power - volumebuttons etc. Buying a similar item here in the Netherlands will cost you about 3 times as much as this one. The flipcover is kept closed by a magnet, so it won't just open all by itself.
    Great value for great price.
    Definatley a must-have for every Tab2 owner!
  • Good Pad Mini case

    posted by subasrama

    Good quality for the money. Fits the IPAD mini well and is quite hardy - gets thrown about a bit and no issues. Also comes with a protective cover for the screen which is good because you don't have to buy one separately. Need to be careful about applying the protective cover as there is only one protective cover provided. But its no different from applying any other screen protection.
    None that I can think of although if these products came with patterns or design it would be a lot more pleasing to a wider group of people.
    Good product for the price.
  • Best case for Paperwhite I have ever used

    posted by jewgienij

    Auto-sleep/wake up closing works like a charm. I have not noticed any accidental power ups. It is made of nice materials: high quality PU leather and plastic. After 3 months of using it I have not noticed any cracks or damages. It has compact dimensions, does _not_ make your Kindle bulky.
    Can't think of any.
    Best case for Paperwhite I have ever used and seen. I really recommend it to everyone having Kindle Paperwhite.
  • excellent case!!!

    posted by marksman1

    Very cheap and worth it, because it's only 8.00$ and it's just like an original. Quality: Works great, just like an original. More: Useful, easy to use, comfortable and really worth buying. Sum: very recommended deal to anyone. Shipment: Pretty fast, organized and safe. Customer service: Very good, fast answering and good solutions to issues.
    Excellent, does the job, looks good, no more to say, absolutely no difference between original and this one.
    Very recommended deal, great price and service...

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