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  • Great connectors!

    posted by EM745

    Probably the best-looking and best made stackable plugs you'll find anywhere; with hard nylon casing and lantern-type insulated jacks. The plugs are UNI-T branded (nice if you have other UNI-T branded stuff).
    The above cons really didn't bother me since I bought these cables solely for the connectors (I mated them to much tougher (sleeved) cables). You can take the plugs apart, but it's a REAL chore to pry apart those nylon parts. They're TOUGH and stuck together real good. I just wish someone somewhere would sell these exact same UNI-T branded plugs on their own.
    A great buy. Just be mindful of the lack of strain relief.
  • Chuffed!

    posted by Magik79

    Great product and the quality is not bad at all. Sturdy construction with good connectors and decent wire used.
    It would be handy if there were more tech details on the connectors - I bought spring clips to go with this and they have 2 different connector types. This has banana connectors on both ends, while the spring clips have a thread for the end of a probe. But I was able to mod things and get it to work.
    Happy - good product for a decent price.
  • Worth buying Multimeter test leads

    posted by ngklee

    - Affordable price. - Fitted my multimeter perfectly, as expected. - Clips are well built,- a good tool when you need a hand in other place, the plugs fits very well, the cable is also very good, agood quality for all the materials.- for normal use the cable do his job.-i'm very happy with the choice and the money paid for this item.
    Good connectors for a affordable price.
    Good quality and with affordable price of Multimeter Test Leads/Probe Cable. Highly recommended for electronic testing and exam tasks.
  • Quality ok, holes too small!

    posted by Crispy79

    Quality of cables and alligator clips is ok for the price, alligator clips are isolated. The two poles (black & red) are connected by the isolation, so you just have one cable and not two singles. The banana plugs do fit well into the sockets.
    If you want two separate cables for each pole, I guess, you can easily tear the two poles apart from each other.
    If you just need the alligator clip to banana plug connection, it's a fine choice. But if you want to stick one 4mm banana plug into the hole of this cable's plugs, it will not work!
  • Good probes

    posted by Albertosoto

    Nice wire, flexible.
    Caps for contacts.
    Nice build, not too small, not too big
    Good price compared with local shops
    I've got a cheapo multimeter from work. It has no probes, (was using simple wires instead) so I ordered these and I'm really happy with them.
    I'm not an electrician, but I'm a flashlight aficionado, and I have the multimeter for draw measurings and battery voltage control.
    These proves works fantastic on my multimeter, no modification needed at all.
    I can read up to 3.3A from a XM-L flashlight, so I think they are accurate enough for my aplications.
    Caps are usefull for storing them, or preventing the contacts to get dirty. 90cm is nice for me, not too long not too short, and wire is flexible, looks long lasting.
    Fully recomended!!


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