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  • good but not exactly fluke

    posted by bjorne

    They are cheap, as expectedThey have double isolation, somewhat unusualThey are also stackable, which is awesome for extending measuring probes etc.
    Quite cheap, and a good option of you cant/wont afford the real deal
    Likely to get more of these, as they get the job done despite their shortcomings - but can't be beat on price I guess. The fact that they can be stacked and are double isolated makes them very useful to me,
  • Chuffed!

    posted by Magik79

    Great product and the quality is not bad at all. Sturdy construction with good connectors and decent wire used.
    It would be handy if there were more tech details on the connectors - I bought spring clips to go with this and they have 2 different connector types. This has banana connectors on both ends, while the spring clips have a thread for the end of a probe. But I was able to mod things and get it to work.
    Happy - good product for a decent price.
  • Useable Bananna clip-leads

    posted by FakeName

    For the price, they're excellent.It's not made clear in the images, but each pair (red and black) is made of "zip" cable, so the two leads are connected. You can peel them apart if you want, but it's nice as each lead pair stays together.
    The wire itself looks to be ~20-24 gauge. The insulation is thick to make them look heavier.
    Cheap enough that they're disposable. The price is low enough that fiddling with the banana plugs isn't too much of a bother.
  • An end to old probes!

    posted by Cicaro

    These were the best probes I've seen on a long time. Flexible cables. Probes quite thick and feels safer than many probesThe connections are of safe banana plugs type
    Price can always be lower, but this is a best buy! I ordered 3 pairs and I'm not sorry for it
    Replace all those old probes with poor connection with those and you'll not be sorry. None of my three has broken yet and I use the multimeter if not on daily basis so at least every second or third day.
  • Very cheap and useful

    posted by Fredim

    Simple, yet effective testing hooks that grip nicely in tight spots. Inexpensive and very useful for anyone that´s into electronics. Fairly easy to set up, just solder a wire to the metal tab and you´re good to go.
    Other buyers seem to have tried to solder a wire to the tab without taking the probe apart. The correct way is to bend the hook until it´s straight, then pull it apart (careful not to loose the spring). Pull the tab out and solder it. Then you just have to put it back together and reshape the hook.
    Very useful, get them if you enjoy building electronic projects.

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