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  • External power supply with plug for Arduino

    posted by wendell7

    Exepcional material to work with several projects in various areas of electrical and electronics in general. Quite used to facilitate the attachment of multiple components of utmost importance. Flexible wires for better client adaptation.
    I think to better serve all consumers (in general) who want to get the product, should replace the wires (black and red) that do not get a good finish on the other type of connection device, further facilitating its use among consumers.
    Widely used among users of the Arduino, because it enables working with 9 volt batteries, their use becomes more popular among people belonging to the same class of electronics in general.
  • Good and cheap holder for 2x18650

    posted by cloudpol7

    Pretty well made and cheap holder for 2x18650 batteries.Great for use as backup power for some devices.Very strong side plastic holder.
    This holder can fit the protected version of the 18650. Good quality plastic.
    Good battery holder for low price.
  • Nice built 18650 battery case

    posted by Littletip

    The build quality is not bad. The holder fits perfectly with both protected and un-protected 18650 batteries.
    Good battery holder for a very reasonable price.
  • Just what I've always wanted

    posted by ecotack

    Most important pro is they DO fit protected cells. I have tried these with sku:20392 no problem.
    There are holes to mount this holder with screws.
    Comes with wires already attached.
    Its cheap and does its job well
    As I said they do fit protected cells and as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't use anything else.
    Should be a simple job to add a balance charge connector if you didn't want to use un-protected cells.
    I bought some holders from a large US component suppler which where a lot more expensive, weren't internally wired (just pcb pins for each cell) and a tight fit for the protected cells. Glad DX has now started selling these, they have been long overdue.
    If you need to make a 3S 18650 battery pack then look no further.
  • A good case for your battery!

    posted by PsyMonkey

    Seems to have a good quality plastic. It already has a switch. The way you open it good. Long positive and negative wire. The battery stays inside the case so isn't likely to fall like some other holders.
    I do not regreat to buy it.
    If you need a well looked holder for you battery this one is a good one, but you must search for other ones to check if the price difference compensates.

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