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  • Good and useful for my cars

    posted by tboifot

    Good looking, big and blue digits, good user manual. Both internal battery and car battery operated. Very useful tool for my cars. I would recommend it to all potensial buyers.
    Useful tool for my cars, nice to know the temperature outside. Nice to know the battery status.
    Worth the money
  • Nice tester screwdriver

    posted by eliasalberto

    Better than expected.Doesn't use batteries!Has a pocket clip.It can detect energized wires by induction, without having to peel them or touch conductive parts (shows a small lightning bolt on the LCD). So it's probably good to detect the point where a power cord is broken.Writing in the back of the wrapping is in relatively-understandable english! (i took a photo, let's see if they accept it)
    The "button" CLOSE to the LCD is the induction-testing thing, used to feel energized wires just by rubbing them (lightning bolt appear on the LCD).The "button" FAR from the LCD is the actual voltage tester.I guess this thing should work better if you're properly grounded.Thick wire insulation makes the induction testing harder to work. Using the induction tester: put the probe somewhat parallell to the wire being tested, press it agains the insulation and run it along the wire touching the "button" closest to the LCD. Sometimes sticking the tester before into an outlet seems to help. Keep the probe as far as possible from the wire not being tested (a bit tricky if you're testing a parallell cord)
    Bough three units, all came with black buttons.Already gave one away. Definitely useful. I'm satified.
  • Useful tester

    posted by cbr1000f

    Very comfortable fit in hand. Clear display of test results. 3-phase power detection and order of phases, instant LED indication of voltages, with LCD of value. Audible indication of continuity with LED. Fully automatic, no switches to set.Uses 2 x AAA batteries. I expect these to last for the shelf life of the cell.
    Torch is not very bright, but works for the task.Seems robust, no switches to become faulty.
    I'd buy it again, if needed.
  • Good for the price

    posted by llucaxx

    - Fairly cheap
    - Useful
    - Small
    - Light
    I got one just today. It's a little cryptic to use, but very easy.
    As one of the reviews say (with some clarifications):
    * 1. To check the voltage, touch the Direct Test button and connect the tip to the point you want to check, the display will show the voltage range immediately.
    The "Direct Test button" is not really a button, is the metallic spot above the small red led.
    * 2. To identify the wires, touch the Induction / Break-Point Test button, when the wire is detected, a spark sign will show on the display area.
    The "Induction / Break-Point Test button" is not really a button either, is the metallic spot at the top of the device (above the other "button"). And the spark is not really a spark, is more like a flash icon.
    * 3. To check a broken point on a wire, just following the hot wire with spark sign on, when the spark sign disappears, there is a broken point on the wire.
    You have to keep pressing the "Induction / Break-Point Test button" in this test too, the usage for checking a broken point in the wire is the same as the induction test.
    Very limited functionality but it does what is supposed to do. Nice useful item.
  • Good and useful item

    posted by kptrebic4430

    My car instrument panel isnt provided with a thermometer, and i was looking for something useful in winter for under-zero information. and just for curiosity too :) The bonus info is the battery level, very usevul due i use the car almost at night and this makes wear the battery very quickly. No clock: OK usually all cars already have it!
    It can be better but does its job.


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