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  • Not compatible with D90 but nice product

    posted by bidib

    Mount system is well thought, although it does not fit my D90. It consists in a metal frame glued on your LCD viewer, and the viewfinder sticks on top of this frame thanks to magnets. Smart, quick and durable (if the adhesive is well stuck on every sides).
    Very useful viewfinder, perfect for filming in a bright sunlight.
    Nice build quality, lens seems correct (no distortions).
    With its help, it's ten times easier and faster to focus manually. I have tried it without glueing the metal frame to my camera.
    This is a really nice product, I am very disappointed it does not fit my D90 although its description said it was. For me it's the only drawback of buying at DX's : product description are fare from being always correct. I hope DX will refund me.
  • very practical at a light environment

    posted by carlosmayol

    cheap, easy to use, it accomplish its purpose , the lenses is protected by a plastic leaf, i thin i invest wisely my money on this item
    if you want to take the camera outside at the sun light it would be very useful
    i saw the same article at a famous sales web and it was 10 or 20 euros more, so if you are worried about not seeing when you go outside, i highly recommend you to take a look to this item
  • An absolute must for those who film with a dslr

    posted by UnivCrea

    Enlargement makes focussing while filming much easierAdhesive for the metal frame sticks very goodOptical quality of the lens is greatMagnets are snappy, but the viewfinder is still easy to remove when necessaryCan be used by both left-eye and right-eye
    This viewfinder magnifier makes manual focussing while filming much faster and more accurate.It can be applied or removed in less than a second
    Great product and much cheaper than the "official" Z-finders.
  • Really love this

    posted by inday

    It is easy to use. The magnet is strong and clicks well in place. It also serve as screen protector for my slr camera. I'd been looking for something like this for a while. I found a cheap one here. I found that I enjoy using this more than the viewfinder. I can set up the settings by not switching from live view to the view finder.
    It is a good purchase for its price.
    Buy it if you are like me just starting on photography. For its price, it is good purchase. The real one cost 10 times than this.
  • A "Must-have" for all Canon EOS M owners

    posted by Adjutor

    This is strongly built and easy to attach to the camera. The frame is metal and just screws into the bottom tripod mount (you can still attach a tripod to the bottom of the frame). The eye-piece is attached to this frame whenever you want to use it. It just attaches by surprisingly strong magnets in the eye-piece; so strong in fact that you need to be careful not to get into the habit of holding the camera by the eye-piece! The lens in the view-finder is large and very clear - it makes it easy to ensure that you have focus on the item you want, or that you have the depth of field you want. This is particularly helpful for close-up work. The eye-piece cuts out all the sunlight when you hold it up close to your eye and this is helpful in bright sunlight. I have to weal glasses both for long and short distance and I find an on-camera viewfinder to be very difficult to use. With this eye-piece it is a real pleasure to use this excellent camera. I now leave the attachment bracket on my came
    The ability to rotate the rubber eye-piece would be an advantage when using the camera in the vertical position.
    A "MUST-HAVE" for all Canon EOS M owners. It is well priced, strongly built, of good quality, easy to attach and you would almost think that it had been developed by Canon specifically for this camera.

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