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You'll find the best lcd touch screen for you here. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Customers who purchased lcd touch screen also viewed touch screen tv, touch screen watch. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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lcd touch screen Customers Reviews

  • Cheap Good Screen Protector

    posted by benardtmz

    - Fit on beautifully- Does not affect the view of the screen. Does not affect the transparency and the sensitiveness of the screen.- Very cheap screen protector. Can be used as backup.- The provided small cloth is very useful. Buy a phone cover with front flap and you can keep it together with your phone.
    - Standard screen protector quality
    - Worth to buy and can even buy more if want to give to friends with the cheap pricing.
  • Good navi

    posted by iMPXi

    -Good looking.
    -Loud, high quality speaker.
    -Big and bright screen.
    -Engllish WinCE with dll's, i.e. WinCE applications running is not a problem.
    -Good working PAL/NTSC AVIN with mirror and rotation functions. Was tested.
    -GPRS internet via BT DUN. Not present in menu, but accessed from residentflash2\app\bt\Phonelinkmsg.exe application. Acces to resident \flash2 through TotalCommanderPNA http://4pna.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=86&d=1235842928
    - Good sattelites response.
    -Shipped with "505" model sticker on the box.
    -CPU MT3351.
    -WinCE register and windows files has recovered after reboot.
    -Using Phonelinkmsg.exe application not allows same time GPRS and Handsfree working...
    Good for price.
  • Great vaue for money

    posted by ninkasi

    Very inexpensive, even if it's just used as an eBook reader or wifi enabled photo frame - streaming photos from the likes of flikr. At this price point, the potential for other uses - such as for home automation control etc - is huge.
    A little heavier than I thought it would be, but still quite portable. Slipped into my rear jean pocket without an issue. Screen resolution seems a little "fuzzy", but haven't had the unit for long so possibly this can be tweaked. Came with an iPhone type charge cable that seems fairly dodgey, but alternatives are easily available. If it's charging via the usb port, it's doing it *very* slowly. This might mean charging via an external portable battery might not be feasible.
    This is an initial early review - the unit just arrived this afternoon. Overall so far I'd have to say this shows great potential and amazing value for money. I've bought it as an e-reader at night (so a kindle device that needs a separate light source is not ideal), as well as potentially a wifi enabled photo frame. This can do so much more - a definite recommendation if you are willing to accept the shortcomings such as resistive screen, short battery life, possible fragility.
  • good choice

    posted by Tomilari

    - Nice look- Soft-touch materials case- touch control ! - choice of calibration weights
    I got 3 pcs weights 300 / 0,01 g of the DE and they all require calibration - weighing 100 g calibration weight they showed 100.23. Suppose this error is caused by the difference in altitude.
    Excellent scale with a pleasant look, sufficient accuracy and speed. A good choice if you do not think that similar scale can be purchased at the DE bit cheaper.
  • Nice touchscreen/tablet/etc

    posted by shusting

    Arrived in one piece (first try) - that's always good.Software is excellent.I don't have a 7" monitor, so i'm using it like a tablet.You can use fingers, stylus, whatever.It is quite accurate, does the job.The software lets you set any portion of the screen to be active with the tablet.A corner, a half, a rectangle 100 pixels to the left and 200pixels down of 160x100or whatever, the combination is endless.
    Be sure to calibrate the screen after any changes.Depending on the orientation of the tablet, you calibrate it to read properly whether vertical or horizontal. Just hold down on the corner indicated until it beeps, and repeat for the 4 corners it asks.
    Great buy for a 7" touchscreen or as a cheap tablet (which can be used in the future for a 7" monitor, or can be used for a partial touchscreen when placed over a larger monitor)


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