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The perfect lcd thermometer white here to meet all your needs. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

lcd thermometer white Customers Reviews

  • Very good for room temperature and humidity measurement.

    posted by 444ndr333w

    Same accuracy sensors (thermo, as well as hygro), as my more expensive Hama EWS 380 weather station (readings is almost fully equal in same place).Very nice, easily readable display with large symbols.Can be placed on wall or table.
    If you need a barometer, just buy another thing (which will cost more, of course).
    Fits perfectly if you need just room thermo/hygro meter. Great gadget for its price.
  • Good

    posted by happycats

    I bought two and both arrived ok, the temperature is very precise and readiness is ok under sunlight, at nights you need a external light to read, I preferred because it is very light in weight and size the battery seems to last forever good to travel with it. Inside your car it will work perfecly too, but of course you will prefer dark colors.
    You can enroll it with plastic food film paper and let it outdoors as I always do, but take care with the wind if you are in higher towers.
  • A nice product

    posted by Tiartapi

    It is simple to use, practical and blends into my décor well. It is discreet and thus far, I have not been able to decide how accurate it is. You can choose to have the temperature displayed in Celsius of Fahrenheit. It is white and made of plastic.
    I was surprised when I saw the cable with the temperature sensor. However, I chose to buy it. It took about a month to arrive but I am used to this. The products from Dealextreme have always arrived so far.
    I think that it is worth buying.
  • Nice looking bedside clock

    posted by Lexxegorov

    Nice look. The build quality is rather good. Thermometer seems to provide relevant temperature. The message board can be removed.The clock can be powered not only with 3 AAA batteries but with 5V DC input as well. If powered with DC input the backlight is on all the time.
    I bought the clock to put it away from the bed but I wanted still to be able to read the time. I was dissapointed that the clock is not on all the time whilt on batteries. I managed to assemble 5V DC input with USB charger and USB cable with DC connector that have left from external battery. When I tried it at night it turned out, that the message board shines too bright and it is not comfortable to keep it on in the bedroom. I removed the message board but this didn't solve the problem. Finally I stuffed the message board slot with some paper and only then I got the clock working as I desired.
    The clock is best suitable as a bedside alarm clock, so the one could easily reach it and switch it on. If the clock is put away it is not readable or shines too bright if powered via DC input.
  • Excelent device in overal specifications

    posted by chrisal

    - It has a Excelent precision precision in both temp and humidity readings. Shows 4,6% error in humidity and impressive 0.5% (better than SKU 90877 in this value reading!!!) error in themperatyre - when compared to my Ambient Weather WS1171 and mercury 0-100C lab thermomether (my references) and wait for near 1 hour to it stabilize its readings.- It have as expected, Max and Min memory functions from temp to humidity and works correctly!- It is small like a cigarrette- The clock have alarm and hour chime- The clock have calendar - just pulse the ADJ bottom and VOILÀ! - It works with only one battery and the newbies with it will notice two spaces for AA batteries. See next below: - It ha two AA batteries and the second is interesting for use as spare battery place!
    - The box of this product is huge! You think will be a enormous device inside, but no. Its just false alarm.- The humidity display shows (when looking against light and close to it) some faded analisys informations, witch may not be working - "Confort, wet, dry" and I dont know how to make it work. Seems to be functions not activated by the factory, and presend in the LCD only. May be when some readings are too wet or too dry or when in good range, they will be lit up. Wait and see.
    Its a excelent device with many funtions and all working perfectly with very good accuracy. The best of this device is the temp reading that is almost accurate as my mercury lab thermomether and Ambient Weather WS1711 (see "pros)). I confess that I wasnt expecting this kind of precision! It impressed me! And the clock is also has useful functions. If you need THE BEST in precision, but with no clock, you may go with SKU 90877, and its half price cheaper than this one. And if you need clock, and good precision, I suggest you buy this one instead of SKU 27263.


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