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lcd thermometer blue Customers Reviews

  • Nice item

    posted by Fredim

    This is a VERY useful item for anyone that enjoys outdoor activities. It has an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit), a clock, a calendar, a bubble level, a compass and a weather forecast icon. All in one! All these features work quite well and the altimeter, barometer and compass have a pretty good resolution.
    To calibrate the compass:
    Enter the compass mode and hold the "compass" button for 3 seconds (the word "cal" will appear on the display). Put the device on a flat surface that is parallel to the ground (use the bubble level to verify this) and turn it around one complete revolution of 360 degrees. Press the "compass" button again and the compass should now be calibrated.
    Packed with very useful features, a must have for anyone that enjoys outdoor activities.
  • Great looking Cheap clock with useful functions

    posted by rndfacfbhbs2q

    - The build quality of the clock including the buttons feel great in relation to how much it costs-Instructions, although in broken English, are simple enough to follow, and once you get a feel of what each button corresponds to, you can go about setting the alarm and the rest easily...-Blue Backlit LED works great in the dark, plus it looks pretty classy too!...-Has temp display which works pretty great too-The alarm is loud enough ,I normally wake up to shrill sounding alarms, so this took a bit getting used to as it is more of a pleasant sounding one. But it does wake you up all the time.
    Do not lose the manual!
    Great clock which does the basic functionalities of an alarm clock well, and has a great look too. And at its price, there really isn't much to complain about.Highly recommended!
  • The Alarm clock is very sturdy and provides excellent service.

    posted by Barba002

    The Alarm clock is sturdy, accurate and has an excellent display. The numbers are large and can be seen very easily even from a distance. The night vision works in an excellent way for the sesor is very sensitive to light conditions in the room. You can easily carry it around and can be used when travelling since the size is in big and the material used is very good quality. It is very easy to use and the controls are very user friendly.
    Good value with added bonus of a temperature indicator in the display.
    Choose a brighter colour if you can.
  • Produto Excelente! (Excelent product)

    posted by marianomessaggi

    Comprei o produto e tive que comprar mais 3 para amigos. O altimetro tem uma precisão incrível. Fica ativo sempre na tela quando ligado mostrando a variação da altitude e pode ser zerado. A búsula é bem precisa. Tem opção de desligar. Pequeno e de alta qualidade
    Eu recomendo. Pelo preço o que esse aparelho faz é impressionante. Eu e meus amigos estamos usando para a prática de voo livre e ele tem se mostrado muito preciso e util como altimetro. A bateria dura muito. Tem a opção de desligar para economizar energia.
    Very acurancy in altimeter. Altimeter ever ready in display. Could be zeroed. Excelent product
  • The thermometer on the belt with Bluetooth v2.1 to connect to Android devic

    posted by turbopascal007

    1. Remote monitoring of the temperature of the child 24 hours a day2. Stable operating software3. USB Rechargeable4. Pleasant haptic belt for fixing5. There is the possibility completely unfasten the belt and wash5. Stable signal transmitter within 6-10 m line of sight (distance reliable reception decreases in cover).6. Support for Android version 2.2 and higher7. The thermometer is not noticeable during use, after 30 minutes of wearing forget about it8. The belt does not interfere with sleep
    Important!Excerpts from the instructions:Do not install the belt on the child's neck, as this can cause suffocation!Also highly desirable to delay it, it can cause discomfort.
    The thermometer is tested and found fit for use in the home. The manufacturer recommends use of this kind of device in professional hospitals, since it can lead to negligence in monitoring the patient.

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