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lcd shield Customers Reviews

  • Iwan

    posted by IwanH

    Works fine as a shield for Arduino Uno. Great price. Documentation included (CD with library and Arduino IDE). Touch-function not tested. Function of the used pins are on the board.
    Please add some information that it not a shield for a Arduino Mega.
    Great product for a small price. Software and library included
  • Useful for small projects

    posted by joliva

    Price. It includes a solution of a LCD display and control push buttons in just one module. There is no documentation but fortunately this module is very used so you can find tons of source code about how to use it.
    For professional project I would use separated components but this module is ok for testing or doing home projects.
    Arduino Entushiast
  • Excellent shield and very easy to use!

    posted by IronManu

    It is very easy to connect and to use. You can use the "LiquidCrystal" library of Arduino microcontrollers, so the communication with it is reduced to a simple call to an inner method.I have tested the shield with Arduino UNO and Arduino MEGA and, also, with ST Nucleo Board.It works excellent in all of them.
    Although using the same analog entry for all the buttons is complex to manipulate for a non-expert user, I think it is the best choice to let the more unused pins, so you can use the others with several sensors and so on.
    Sumarizing, if you look for an LCD display to represent your information THIS IS THE SHIELD YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, because it is very simple, very cheap and it works very well!!
  • well worth the money

    posted by mpego

    cheap, works with UTFT library.Easy to use.It is compact and well built.Once I found the correct initialisation parameters, works like a charm.I used:UTFT: myGLCD(ITDB24D,19,18,17,16)UTouch: myTouch(15,10,14,8,9)
    Not very fast, but it does it jobs very well.I plugged it to a FreAduino.I was a plug and play.If you plan to use the UTouch library remember to calibrate first. Run the example from the UTouch library, it works well.
    It is a product that I would recommended.
  • Great quality product.

    posted by dgstyler

    Quality product. Delivered the goods very quickly. Connectors and all the elements are wired very high quality. Silk screen printing is made on a very good level. I liked that the white board - standard green or blue had enough.
    I can say nothing.
    Excellent module and fulfills its function. I recommend to buy.

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