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  • A great product.

    posted by kordik

    Excellent design and build quality, precisely measure temperature, easy to use, large measuring range, feels good in my hand. Well measured negative and positive temperature. The measuring range is up to over 400 degrees Celsius. I recommend to buy. Very great product!!!
    Good for measuring food, wine, freezers, processor in a computer, graphics card, chipset and other things. IR thermometer after six months working well and without problems. If you want a quality product? Buy this IR thermometer.
    Good buy for a good price.
  • Great product

    posted by chinwah

    Its good and sturdy. Look wise it can easily be pass off as a more expensive model. So far it appears to be measuring temperature quite accurately. Its ability to measure a wide range of temperature makes it a good tool to measure anything from the freezer section of your fridge to your computer CPU to your oven and finally the tip of a soldering iron. The laser finder allows you to check the temp of your Xbox360 heatsink without opening the case. A good tool to check if your console is overheating.
    This model costs US10 more than the other products listed on DX. I have not used the other products, but this one appears to offer more features e.g. minimum and maximum temperature, average temperature and spot temperature. Though its stated that its temperature range is from -20C to 530C, it appears to be able measure temperature below -20C when I used it to measure my freezer.
  • Nice buy - good surprise!

    posted by meganote

    Very accurate Digital Infrared Thermometer.
    Easy to use, just point, pull the trigger and read the measuring.
    It feels very resistant.
    The laser is pretty strong.
    You can turn laser and lights off to save battery.
    Very quick response time.
    I use it mostly to monitor temperature variations when diagnosing electronic projects faults and since it's very accurate and has a fast response it is helping me a lot.
    Press the trigger once to turn it on, press and keep pressing while you measure, use the min/max mode to help you monitor the temperature.
    I saw many Digital Infrared Thermometers in DX and tried to choose the best one for my needs among the cheapest. This buy ended being a surprise since the product has very high quality. One of my main concerns is that it does not have a on/off switch/button but this is not a problem since it turns itself off in just a few seconds after the measuring, thus saving battery power.
    Also the included battery is very good and fully charged.
    If you need a cheap and yet very good Digital Infrared Thermometer, buy this one.
  • Portable Digital Thermometer

    posted by azarate

    This thermometer is very simple to use, anyone can use it effectively.Two sets of batteries are included with the product.This non contact thermometer is accurate enough for general purposes in electronics.Its price is very affordable.
    It is a very good choice considering quality, performance and priceIt is a usefull instrument for all electronic lovers.It is a very good device for measuring heatsinks temperature, and to control transistors, triacs and other semiconductors
    I´m happy with the product, it has enabled me to undertake long postponed projects
  • Nicely made and works quite well

    posted by nodlive

    The plastics used to construct this tool are quite good and give the product a very quality feel. It seems to work quite well and the temperatures are more or less accurate. Compared to store bought IR Thermometers this is a very good deal. And comparable to $100+ models.
    The protective case is a nice bonus. It is slightly padded and tough enough to keep this thermometer safe in a tool box.
    Nice quality product. Good buy.

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