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lcd module Customers Reviews

  • Great all in one deal for that price

    posted by nikolauzi

    - works fine for that price
    - plays sd cards and USB sticks with no problems
    - has integrated digital output stage for direct speaker connection
    - radio is quite sensitive, even with only 50cm cable
    - great base for diy purposes
    - would be great if the controller goes to standby when switched off for battery use
    - outputstage gives enough power for use with good speakers (e.g. 90db/W) for normal use (no disco loudness;o)
    - works with a 18650 LiIon cell for 10hrs+
    - good bass with internal amplifier
    - be sure to use max. 5V as supply!
    I gonna use it in conjunction with my solar powered battery in the garden, where the sound is load enough by far.
    For that price a great all in one solution!
  • Good quality

    posted by boemeles

    The screen is of good quality. The packaging is good. Its packed in the standard air bubble envelope, in which is a cartboard case, in wich is a foam case, in which is the screen. On the screen was also a screenprotector. I had no dead pixels, which is awesome.
    Bought this for 31,66 euros, In dutch stores you pay around 50 / 60 euros. This is cheap as hell for a perfect thing. Also, because it as cheap as 31 euros, the friend i repaired its psp for gave me more money than i asked ;)
    If you need it, buy it, it'll do perfectly with a broken psp
  • bright and high-quality screen

    posted by micluha

    Connect your camcorder over the front door. The picture is bright and clear. Regurirovki: brightness, color saturation, language, video input selection. packaging is bubblewrap, there are pins in there that perforates it because of mail delivery
    You can use the TV screen as MPEG2-MPEG4 DVB-T receiver. Very good for the price, especially since you get what you see on the TFT screen right away without delay
    great price for a screen resolution of 800/480
  • Feature-packed LCD with good software support

    posted by gigamegawatts

    This is identical to the TFT01-2.4 LCD sold by ElecFreaks. You'll find tech specs and sample code on their web site.Compatible with the awesome UTFT library, with supports Arduinos, Chipkit (PIC) and some ARM processors. Specify the S6D1121 controller (model parm ITDB24E_8).Compatible with the TFT01 Arduino shield (DX 179397) - I'm using mine with this shieldPerformance with an Arduino is surprisingly good: no noticeable lag with line graphics or large fonts.
    Based on the comments at the bottom of the page, there seems to be some confusion about whether the unit has 40 or 44 pins. Mine has 40, but is labelled "sod44pin" at the bottom. Go figure.Haven't tried the SD card socket yet.
    Amazing number of features for the price.
  • It is all what i expected to be

    posted by Alekzander2013

    Compact, good quality, serial interface (SPI), well known controller (ILI9341), lot of drivers for almost every MCU. I get it to work with my STM8S as soon as i wired it correctly (don't forget - it's 3.3v, and RST and SCE is Active Low so they have to be pulled to ground by external resistor or MCU settings).
    It was my first color display. And, as it SPI - it is slow for something realy good. But it quite allright for static information display or first steps in MCU learning.
    For me personally, it is too small and too slow. Now, as i tasted it i want MOAR!!! :) Although one can find a use for it, that's for sure.

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