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lcd indoor digital thermometer

Check out the great lcd indoor digital thermometer to see if there is any that suits you. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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lcd indoor digital thermometer Customers Reviews

  • Do the job

    posted by lordedy

    1 - Very Usefull.2 - It is a cheap product.3 - It is the only one that has alarm function, models alike.4 - Just spend one AAA battery.
    It would be interesting, in a product that does so many measurements, a possibility also to measure atmospheric pressure
    It's a great product with excellent cost benefit.I had to judge if your measurements are accurate.
  • Electrician

    posted by zimmo

    It looks good. Stylish silvery plastic covers. Easy (Shove in the batteries and you're good) installation. Slighlty slow on temperature changes. It took over an hour to view something sensible when I put it sensor in the freezer.
    All in all. Good product. I wonder if I could use several of these simultaneously? Little instruction paper says something like three in the same area, but who knows?
    No more drilling holes for sensors. Makes life easier.
  • great simple temp sensor

    posted by Renoir

    Great little temp sensor : I have two of these - one with sensor in fridge and freezer - to monitor safe temps. I bought a couple extra as they are useful.All 4 sensors agree to within 0.5 degrees (accurate)
    Good stuff.
    Have bought 5 in total so far. good price and good sensor. Battries included.
  • indoor grow must have.

    posted by rmyer

    this has probably not been used as intended, gave this as a gift to a grower friend, for a indoor hydroponic garden, exterior probe is inside hydro reservoir, and interior (main) unit is above with plants, hydroponics benefit of proper control over water temperature, allowing better grow and yield.
    its very useful in a indoor hydro garden, gave this to a friend that has such. he is very happy as keeping control of water temperature as well as ambient temp improves overall results dramatically.
  • excellent thermometer

    posted by keko10

    The manufacturing quality is very good, check the external and internal temperature and humidity. The margin of error comparing it with another thermometer is + - 2 ° Celsius.It has a system that sets the minimum and maximum temperature recorded, and you can reset at any time.The cable to measure the outside temperature is approximately two meters.The reading is clear because it has large numbers.Can be hung on a wall or hold it on a table.
    It's a very good product, the external construction material is of very good quality. This product is highly recommended as it indicates exteriro and interior temperature and humidity also. The accuracy is pretty good compared to other thermometers.
    If you are from those people who likes to know the temperature at all times to this product will not regret.100% recommended

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