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  • portaretrato digital

    posted by javiermelly

    Muy economico,la calidad del producto es bastante buena.muy facil de usar una vez pasado a lenguaje español.El envio fue dentro de lo 30 dias, algo normal para el rnvio proveniente de china.
    nada mas que aclarar, solo que paso aduana derecho
    muy muy buen producto por el precio.muy recomendable para usuarios finales asi como tambien para reventa.
  • Very nice photo viewer

    posted by code-x

    - Can display BMP,JPG,PNG,GIF- It can store over 70 BMP pictures, so it can store even more jpg pictures!- Few settings: USB connect (to connect to a computer), Slide Show timer set, Auto Off tiem set, LCD Contrast, Backligt, Clock and date functions and functions to delete one or all pictures.- Very clear and good screen.- Built in accu! No batteries!
    It's heart shaped, so it's a good idea to give it to your boy or girlfriend. Its screen is just really good, better than I expected.
    For 12 dollars it's reallt worth it. Perfect for valentines day or just as a present :-)
  • Excellent hoto frame!

    posted by Undel

    - Supports various types of memory cards and graphic formats- Supports music and video- Has nice remote- "Apple" style
    Swithcing between chineese and english languages is not obvious for someone who don't know chinese - according option in menu is written in chinese. I've just tried option by option to find it. It would be better to write it in english just because chinese people don't need this option :)
    Great device for the great price :)
  • It's an ok photo frame

    posted by Etnad

    It's a very low price for a photo frame. I similar one costs here at least double the money.
    It has a usb slot and a card reader.
    When I opened it at took a first look the menu was all chinese and for a minute I thought I had to put in new firmware or something to get an english menu. But after fidling around a bit and reading the manual (which is a treasure map, only clues in english) I found the button to switch to english.
    It's not a bad device, but it looks a bit cheap. This is a gift for an aqcuintace and I thought it would look better. As with probably most stuff that get's shipped, the original package looks pretty worn out. Which is also a bad if you plan to give it to someone.
    All in all it's worth it, since it does what it's supposed to. Just don't forget that it does not have an own harddisk, so you need to have a memory card or a USB stick plugged in to see pics. You might want to buy an adapter for your cellphone or camera card to fit in.
  • Good Product

    posted by cramlox

    Excellent frame with lots of options, good image quality, brightness and colors. And really a great price !!
    It has calendar, clock, alarm, program on and off time.
    Just insert usb or card and it finds photos or music immediately you don't have to search for them.
    The remote is very easy to use, as well as the frame, doesn't need to read the instructions to start looking at my pictures.
    The photo frame is really great and useful for its price. Nothing more to say, just buy it and you will see. :)


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