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lcd digital infrared thermometer

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lcd digital infrared thermometer Customers Reviews

  • Value for your money

    posted by spy8137

    For the cheap price, I can't complaint or expect too much from this product. Good for general temperature reading,useful for toddlers and infants.. Ease of use and large LCD screen facilitates this.
    Good item to have around at home for those emergencies.But generally, a must have considering the price and good build quality..
  • Great product

    posted by chinwah

    Its good and sturdy. Look wise it can easily be pass off as a more expensive model. So far it appears to be measuring temperature quite accurately. Its ability to measure a wide range of temperature makes it a good tool to measure anything from the freezer section of your fridge to your computer CPU to your oven and finally the tip of a soldering iron. The laser finder allows you to check the temp of your Xbox360 heatsink without opening the case. A good tool to check if your console is overheating.
    This model costs US10 more than the other products listed on DX. I have not used the other products, but this one appears to offer more features e.g. minimum and maximum temperature, average temperature and spot temperature. Though its stated that its temperature range is from -20C to 530C, it appears to be able measure temperature below -20C when I used it to measure my freezer.
  • Product Review

    posted by Fitty

    I brought this item and it's very easy to use, thought it's a little bulky I still thinks its good. The only problem is that I only use it once but within 24 hours I used it hourly and a few times each hour. Now it's not working, I am unsure what is the life span for this device.
    For standby usage, can consider and do not expect it will work long.
    Can buy
  • Oh my what a gadget :)

    posted by evincar

    I haven't tested is against a good thermometer, but when I'm measuring my pizza stone on my barbecue, I don't care if it is accurate to a degree. It provides a steady reading so that I know when it has reached the right temperature. It is a hit with every guy that I show it to, the red light doesn't do anything with the measuring, it only shows you where you are pointing (and for playing with the cat).
    One of the few that goes to high enough temperatures for my barbecue.
    Good product!
  • Accurate thermometer

    posted by Resi21

    I have got this thermometer for 2 days. Mine came with a free battery inside package. I have measured lots of things and I can say it is more than accurate than you think. A German made professional room ambient thermometer was displaying 22.3 C and this infrared one measured that 22.2 C ( I think 0.1 C was the surface difference).
    - Best build quality
    - Accurate measurement
    - Free 9V battery inside
    - Temps don't change a lot with distant like others.
    - My body was 36.3 C like the medical one says.
    - minus 50 to 380 C is more than enough
    - cheap cheap cheap yet good.
    Well the pricy professional Infra therms are measuring at these accurtion limits +- %2 . So why give more??
    Go buy this one.

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