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  • ??????

    posted by CrazyvOlk

    High quality of the assembly. Justifies the waitings laid to it. Exact enough indications (was with what to compare). Fulfills the functions on 100 %
    The good multimeter, costs the money for all of 100 %. Similar instruments are more expensive at us (in Chelyabinsk) than time in 2-2,5... I have acquired it for use in the home purposes - at home and in garage. The functional of the instrument more than is sufficient for the given purposes. Some functions, I think, it is not necessary to use at all - but it is better superfluous functions, than they won't suffice! :) In general, to all to a clod it is necessary a small good multimeter with rich enough functional (for the home purposes) I recommend.
  • Works fine after i fixed it

    posted by froh

    Nice multimeter for quick measurements. The clamp ammeter is nice, but remember that it only works on ac current. Feels sturdy for its price.
    Once again i had to fix something that i bought here...
    Don't buy this one, and do you really need a clamp meter?
  • Buy this one

    posted by ESCORIA

    I used this to work and I liked it. It's precise and easy to use. The english manual is ok. The built quality is perfect and the rubber case has good utility for who use it in dirty garage.I tested the temperature sensor with a traditional thermometer and it worked nice.The 9V battery case is under the rubber case, wich protects from accidental plugoff. The display is very clear and easy to see in all angles.
    It isn't cheapest then others, but the value is correct. Save your money, buy this one.
  • Very good small multimeter

    posted by DXjunkie

    Better than expected. Measures DC and AC current just past 200ma as advertised. Tested current draw with various Cree & 5mm LED at low current with different resistors and it displays satisfactory accuracy. This meter has a separate 1.5v battery test mode on the blue select dial – manual says this mode draws 40ma from the battery – this improves accuracy by initiating a load on the 1.5v cell under test.
    This meter runs on two (2) small button cells (LR-44) in series. To replace these batteries you have to unscrew two (2) small Philips head screws and remove the meter from the holder/case. Easy and simple. See the photo I uploaded for correct battery polarity. Meter when removed from holder/case has circuit board exposed. So this meter can’t be removed permanently from the holder/case unless you cover the back with another piece of plastic. Also notice from my photo there are brass threaded inserts for the two (2) screws! Nice. Instructions are simple concise and are printed on a single sheet of paper.
    Continuity function is accessed by selecting the Diode, Resistance, Continuity mode and then pressing the SEL button to enter continuity mode. Continuity bleep occurs on each contact made. Works well.
    I chose this meter over the many others available on DX for two (2) main reasons: Compact size and the expected better quality of the Minipa brand. Those other meters are very over-sized and bulky. I would have gladly spent $30 or more on an even better quality small compact meter – but none of good quality exist on DX yet.
    A *small* compact meter of above average quality costing around $30US-$60US that runs on 2AAA and measures DC current up to at least 2 Amps and has an LCD back light would be a winner. I was going to order the other Minipa ET-997 ($38.03) SKU 42269 but it was ridiculously over-sized!
    For this low price it would be frivolous to complain and split hairs over accuracy as compared to a Fluke meter.
  • A good item for intermediate usage

    posted by pvarisco

    The most valuable merit of this item is that it is powered with inexpensive batteries (the AAA kind). Precise and easy to use. The leads are sharp and the cables long enough
    Even people with no experience can proficiently use it.
    Good for intermediate usage. Compared to other items if you use it intensively you have not to spend a lot of money replacing the batteries


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