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  • Cheap and Dirty Voltmeter for multiple Li-on Pack.

    posted by iccyy

    This is a cheap and dirty multi-cell voltmeter I would have to build myself..... It scan through all the cells, beginning with No1 . . , till All.
    By the way, pinouts are printed on the PCB, with pin1 marked '-', pin7 mark '+', the rest sensor pins.
    This make a wonderful panel meter ... I 've been looking for my HV modules, one for 0-10, 2nd for 0-3 representing 10mA and 3KV full scale. Wonderful.
    But this one is for multicel lithum pack indicator.
    It would be wanderful if it comes with green, amber and even blue color display. It should not cost more then another 50 cents. When will the Chinese desinger go beyond the bare utilities?
    Red is boring, and this one comes with event less exciting red. (1st generation LED)
    look like I may have to buy a few!
  • Great value

    posted by okrauth

    I ordered this unit after watching some electronic tutorials on youtube. It was recommended as a the best value for general electronic work, but not for industrial (high power) areas. As a hobbyist this more than satisfy my needs. I love the Hold option (if you hold the button for a few seconds) you get 6 seconds to get a reading. The unit feels good in your hands, good construction.
    I don't regret ordering this unit. LOve the crisp clear display and the 22,000 counts does work while checking capacitors voltage dropped in circuits
    Easy buy, fantastic value!
  • Great charger!

    posted by khitrenovich

    The plastic parts of the product look solid and durable. The change indicator is working as expected, clearly showing when the cycle is done and the batteries are fully charged. Does not get hot during charging - just charged two sets of 4 C batteries one after another and the device remained in room temperature after both the first and the second charge.
    Definitely recommended!
  • Good universal charger

    posted by rpascual92

    It is useful to charge any type of cell phone lithium ion battery. I bought it to charge an S3 battery, which had a bad usb connector. It comes with EU plug adapter.Detects polarity automatically and has a useful LCD display on which you can see the charging percentage: 0%-25%-75%-100%Also has a 1.2A USB port.
    It doesn't seem to be very power efficient, but is very handy to have a replacement battery ready to use. Also useful to do some DIY projects using old phone batteries.
    I recommend this product.
  • Bang for the buck!

    posted by kurt1602

    I have a need for measuring temperatures in the range 100-200 C. I considered building an interface from a k-type probe to a multimeter. In my seek for probes I found this complete thermometer. For this price - including probe and battery - it is a nice deal. I have done a few test and the accuracy seem to be sufficient for my purpose. The probe has a standard connector thus making easy renewal of probe.
    The probes are cheap. This means I will consider buying an extra probe for fixed installation a the site of primary use.
    No regrets!

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