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lcd backlight Customers Reviews

  • Works well with 3.3V Arduino

    posted by steveo

    Works well on a 3.3V Arduino using SPI. u8glib supports this display using the U8GLIB_MINI12864 constructor. Cute little display, works well
    Datasheet is available here: http://x.openjumper.com/mini12864/
    Inexpensive 128 pixel x 64 pixel graphical LCD.
  • Excellent replacement part for ART racks

    posted by capellamusic

    The backlight is strong and the LCD text is well defined
    I've used to replace the whole LCD module on an ART SGX 2000 Express. This LCD is fully compatible with their racks from around 1988 to 1998 at least, e.g., ART SGX 2000 Express, ART SGX Nightbass, ART SGX Nitro, ART Multiverb III, etc.But there is one *important* difference, the pins 15 and 16 are reversed polarity, so before using this we must swap the 15 and 16 on the cable, which is rather easy. On this LCD the 15 is + and 16 is GND, but on the ART racks the 15 is GND and 16 is +, hence the wires swap on the cable.
    Great product, very good quality, fits my need perfectely. In fact just ordered 3 more, 2 spares and 1 for another replacement on another ART rack unit.
  • Excellent

    posted by bitofsalt

    Excellent display to replace your broken one.No bad pixels.Perfect packaging.
    Bought it to replace an olympus XE 925 broken display.Attention !!!!!!! you need a soldering iron to desolder the old backlight from the damaged one and solder it to the new one.All you have to do is to desolder the old backlight flex cable from the display flex cable.There are two spots that you must desolder.Remove the square black tape from the old flex cable to reveal them.
    If you are intermediate to soldering you can fix it !By the way this is my first review, i hope to be helpfull.Thanks !!!!
  • Great item

    posted by Dentonidas

    -Good precision-Very portable-Light-Small---------------Boa precisão-Portátil-Leve-Pequena
    It's a good product, very small that makes it portable, you can transport the scale everywhere you want, and it's very light tooÉ um produto bom, bem pequeno o que faz dele muito portátil, sendo fácil de transportar para qualquer lugar e também é muito leve. Eu compraria de novo se precisasse...
    I would buy it again...
  • Flawless

    posted by AE3000

    Perfect package: Mine comes inside a custom made foam filler covered with a hard cardboard box.No dead pixels at all.Exactly the same as the original. No signs of use or wear: Good as new.Protective film over the screen.
    Replacing the screen will require a minimal expertise, small flat and Phillips screwdrivers and a little patience and care.If you have a Japanese PSP 2000, I'll recommend to add SKU 12316 to your order because these units have two little Torx in the top.After replacing the screen (and before reassembling the PSP), remember to remove the protective film!!!!!
    Good price, considering that "new" units costs a lot more. Arrived intact after a really long trip.


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