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These cool lcd 3.7 are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

lcd 3.7 Customers Reviews

  • Powerful signal generator

    posted by bestenemy

    Small, versatile. Generates waveforms from scratch or manipulates incoming ones. Graphing functions visualize the waveform being output on the built-in dot matrix display. Combined with an oscilloscope of the same brand the device becomes a signal duplicator/re-shaper.
    The price of the unit is higher than that of the DS1052E scope, which will deter some people from buying it. Many places sell both devices as a kit and they work really well together. DX has the best deal price-wise and the delivery's dirt cheap.
    What can you do with 20MHz? Basically it's enough to generate audible tones. Enough to control servos and emulate stepper motor drivers. Enough bandwidth for low fidelity video sync emulation. The square wave falls 1MHz short of standard definition NTSC bandwidth (perhaps on purpose), but unless you're specifically into video stream tinkering, it shouldn't bother you. Spectrum gear costs thousands of dollars.
    Excellent item that may actually save you money through its ability to emulate some electronic components.
    Ideal for testing error tolerance in prototypes (injecting noise into the current). Good item for a microcontroller hobbyist to have.
  • Fantastic product!

    posted by jpvtw2

    Very well built product. The materials are of excellent quality.Really precise readings from the three stations Very nice design, seems to cost a lot more than actually did. Color LCD screen really adds something special, you won't find anything like this in regular stores. Moon phase works perfectly
    Maybe DX could sell the white one also...You will need a total of 7 AAA batteries..
    It is a great product! Materials are awesome and the design is nice! If you want something better, buy this one you won't regret
  • Best Product for indoor use

    posted by csamila

    Big numbers, easy to read even you use glasses from about 4 - 5 meters.Very precise in temperature and humidity.Hole in back very good to wall mount.Cheap and easy to find battery.Display Maximum and minimum values.very good material made.
    I beleive that is the best relation cost/benefit in category, for indoor use, price excelent, quality very good, functions exactly what we need, cheap battery.
    I will buy more to put in other rooms and recommend to my family to heve at home.

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