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lcd 2.0 Customers Reviews

  • Good for LQ, not HD

    posted by ThirtyPCA

    Very small and light. Comes with a good mount, and a very long cable so you can string it through your car's interior.
    The default language is Chinese, but can be set to English. This is NOT an HD camera. This may or may not pick up plate numbers. If your expectation is to make a GoPro style movie, this is not for you. However, I purchased this strictly for a "prove that it is not my fault" purpose, and this is suitable for that. If you want to prove whose fault it is (that is, pick out plate numbers), you may not get that.
    Whether you want to get this or another camera depends on your expectations, and what you want out of it. If you want to say "not me", this is fine. If you want to be more specific to say "it was him", you might want a more expensive camera.
  • Good, solid and expansible

    posted by work32

    An economical but worth-good alarm system. Works only with wireless sensors, that you can find at very reasonable price (sku168207 for magnetic and sku168307 for infrared sensors). You can order system to sound siren (extremely loud) or just to call you and by phone give commands to the alarm (deactivate, rearm, make siren sound, siren stop etc).
    Good security: remotes and sensors are "unique coded" and has to be added in advance to the system to work. Means that another remote (not programmed in your system) will be ignored.
    A good alarm system at a reasonable price that assures you a "professional" security with the possibility to expand at your needs.
  • Good for a lot of places.

    posted by 3George3

    En ningún momento lo compré pensando en el coche, lo utilizo en el baño, buena fabricación, la ventosa aguanta perfectamente en azulejo, nevera o similar. Temperatura fiable.I didn't buy it thinking in use it in the car, i use it in the bathroom, and works perfect. The suction cup hold it very good, don't fall. Good temperature
    Puedes usarlo en múltiples lugares. Azulejos del baño o de la cocina, en la nevera, en espejos. Es muy útil, la temperatura y el reloj son fiables.You can use it in a lot of places. In the bathroom, kitchem, fridge, mirrors...The temperature and clock are turstly. Without delays and accurates
    Probablemente el peor uso sea en el coche ya que al tener la pantalla transparente será dificil de leer, y ademas no tiene iluminación propia.Probably the worst place to use it is in the car, because of the transparent screen, that maybe its hard to read if you put it on the glass car. And doesn't have his own ligth source.
  • Recommended

    posted by okkeros

    True Full HD, wide angle, good picture quality, fast response, no hangs, good build quality, mount screw made of metal. Using on motorbike the ignition will not disturb the sound recording, as it does on SKU 64009.The camera can be mounted inside the helmet, at the chin protector, and can be tilted up to see the road, very cool!
    Would worth to be continued with this good electromagnetically shielded quality but with black rim.
  • good product

    posted by ceaof

    very ease to use product, great range of utilities, very loud speaker and a lot of tempo markings. you can immediately unpack and start to play. the rubber on the pad has a very close feeling to a floor tom, if you have no batteries, you can keep on playing and practicing with another metronome
    the color and finishing are suitable to the product, and the lights are very notable
    the 5v dc adaptor could be in the product set, and the english manual is so simple, but gives you enough capability to operate the product

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