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The perfect laser usb wireless here to meet all your needs. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. You can also browse usb wireless mouse and usb wireless keyboard. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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laser usb wireless Customers Reviews

  • Very good for the price

    posted by xcream

    It is really cool that you can recharge it through the USB port!The battery lasts a long time, I am using it for two days straight without recharging it.It looks really cute.It is very comfortable for little hands.The DPI button actually works.
    Turn it off when you are sleeping or traveling so the battery can last longer. Also I usually leave it charging at night when I'm sleeping.
    It looks like magic mouse from Apple, only better because it is rechargeable. And blue.
  • Nice unit at a good price

    posted by palewis

    Tested and working well.Great range between handpiece and USB dongle - I was able to scan a barcode two rooms away (over 10m and through 2 concert walls).Scanning range (from barcode to hand piece) has been up to around 40cm. Come with rechargable battery pack, and charges thorugh a USB cable (supplied with unit).
    Works as well as other (expensive) named brand units we use at work at about 3rd the price.
    Very good unit.
  • Very useful product

    posted by paulofremen

    True plug and play: I have tested it in Windows XP, Windows 7, Android, Ubuntu. Just plug the adaptor in the USB port and go ahead!You can use it for yout tablet, HTPC, etc. It seems like a standard remote. Very compact dimensions. Also useful for presentations due to its laser pointer. It has a hole to place the USB adaptor when you take the remote with you.
    When I recived it, I spent some time wondering where the USB adaptor was... It is hidden in one side of the keyboard. Do not think it is missing!
    Very good and useful keyboard, but don't let the children touch it.
  • Excellent laser mouse

    posted by Hoelahoep

    Small, good looking and decent buttons.Matches the colour of my full-white table and works perfectly as this thing works fawlessly with the white table surface (as the blue-led MS mouse isn't)
    The mouse isn't heavy and can be picked up and moved easily while moving (I realized that that seems to be my working habbit). The scroll wheel is OK and feels solid, like the push buttons. The force required for clicking could be a little less however for me it's OK. Would have been nicer if the bottom part was made from the same material as the upper part that is more shiny. The bottom part looks (and feels) a bit cheap but does not affect the usefullness at all in my opinion.
    Fine designer mouse for everywhere use and still very affordable.
  • Superb product for a bargain

    posted by dangerous666

    + Cheap!!!
    + Soft as a plume;
    + Beautiful;
    + Small;
    + Came with a great protective bag;
    + Plug 'n' play;
    + Good laser pointer;
    + Great area coverage (more than 5 meters away from the dongle);
    + Battery lasts longer;
    + Has a holder clip;
    + Works plug 'n' play on Linux!!! :D :D
    + A MUST BUY for teachers and instructors
    A very good and cheap product for any teacher. I recommended to everyone who have to present a speech.
    A superb product for a bargain, presenter and laser pointer plus a cool bag.

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