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laser tripod Customers Reviews

  • Excellent!!!

    posted by doferreira

    I directed the laser beam to a building some 50 meters away and the dots were clearly visible filling the whole building!Easily illuminates an entire room!Good effects!it can display dots or ellipses, continuous or pulsed.
    The music function worked correctly, and you can adjust the sensitivity to be triggered by a simple conversation or a fuller sound.- Lightweight and compact- Easy transportation and handling- Adjustable Base- high intensity laser- Adjustable Tripod
    Take a shine to your party with this laser projector!Excellent to draw attention to their clients, putting it at the entrance of his store!
  • Nice blue laser

    posted by boraicho

    Laser have very strong and nice blue (no violet but clean blue!) beam and also red laser beam. this Night Sky's Stars laser plus fog-machine equals very nice effect. the laser beams are nice visibly. and it has a reaction on sound.
    it is a cheapest blue laser on market. i use it on cottage and with us at the bar.
    i don't know what more for this :) but for this price i think that is it very good buy.
  • Pretty amazing compact projector

    posted by lordseiya

    - Fits your hand size ;D- Has Tripods to balance- Power consumption really low- Light Weight- Acceptable price
    Useful at parties, home events, becoming even better when using smoke machine to follow the laser beam ;D wish there were some units available to buy at DX, but there aren't.
    Worth spending every cent on this equipment, trust me ;]really small size, you can let it in any corner or under/over turntables...
  • Great stage laser projector

    posted by techno20041975

    Shipped very well in a nice box safely!!!A great basic projection at low costs... you probably have to pay more for the same lasers like JB systems and they probably have less functions.Comes with a tripod and the case is from steel so it's actually good strong quality and not a plastic toy.It has 2 colors, 50mw green and 100mw, auto program where you van change colors, patterns, strobe effect includes 3 steps of speed, and music program.
    If you wanna buy a good party laser that will work automatic and music mode you sure won't dissapointed, don't expect drawings but nice star, stripe and dot patterns.
    Great product for ow price!!!!How to use it.... because manual is not 100% correct.The power switch has OFF, 1, and 2 the 1 and 2 gives different pattern, but actually it's when you use it without remote control.... if you use remote control it's the same if you put it on 1 or 2 because you van change pattern with remote control.The sensivity knob is for the mike when you use the laser with music.Then you have several buttons on the remote controller.if you press MUSIC button, then you can change between Music mode or auto, in music mode the laser will move on the beats of the music. but if you press the AUTO button then you can change pattern (stars, dots etc...).if you press MUSIC button again, then you have manually (automatic mode) without music, and then you can use the color button for changing color, the auto button also for different pattern, and also strobe button for strobe effect where you also van change speed with the strobe freq....
  • Pretty good; noisy fan

    posted by electricdjinn

    Fairly standard "club effects", nice to have that for myself. Sound reactivity is less fun than I hoped, but good to have.
    I'll just replace the fan with a good one I have in my junk box, and this will be a fun addition to my parties. The remote will probably get lost the third time I use it.
    Decent, minor quality issues but cheap.


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