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laser thermometer Customers Reviews

  • Very good kitchen tool

    posted by borenibai

    Very useful -
    - fast
    - precise within the specs on the box (compared to a calibrated thermometer)
    - spot, min, max, average functions are very handy
    - good build
    - laser pointer
    Very useful tool for the kitchen, ideal for surface temperature measurements.
    Probably the best in terms of cost/performance from the bunch on DX at the time of purchase. Good reference to compare other models to.
  • LCD Non Contact Digital InfraRed Thermometer

    posted by PavelKK

    Excellent device. Works fine. Very conveniently situated in the hand. Naturally, the error indication depends on the distance to the target. Includes an automatic shut-off after 20 seconds to save battery power. For guidance on the subject applied a single-point laser sighting. There is a display light blue. There is a switch degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit.
    Information for Buyers:Dimensions of determining the temperature pyrometer depends on the optical resolution (figure-of-sight) of the device. Exponent of sight is the ratio of spot diameter control unit at the facility to measure the distance to the object and is denoted by D: S. The higher the score the more expensive the sighting device. The choice of optical resolution depends entirely on the actual size of the object and the distance at which these measurements are possible. For most applications is sufficient pyrometer with an optical resolution of 10:1 - 40:1.
  • Works like a charm, good value for money

    posted by entitee

    Works well as a child non-contact thermometer for the range of human body temperature.Sensitivity is within acceptable tolerance levels.Build quality is not bad, and the battery is provided. Battery has lasted me quite a few months so that is good.There is a backlit screen for night readings.
    Satisfied with the product - performance and price-wise I doubt you can get any much better than this.
  • Just what I was looking for

    posted by georgistz

    Quite accurate (difference of +/- 1 degree C),
    works well even from moderate distance,
    easy and comfortable to use,
    laser sight is especially useful,
    very cheap (less than half the price of similar thermometers in my country).
    Display is easily readable, plus it has a backlight, which can be turned on or off. So can the laser sight.
    Just perfect, measures temperature of leaves, soil, heater exhaust pipe and surprisingly accurate, especially for this price.
    Very useful if you want to measure the temperature of something very hot or in a difficult to reach spot.
  • Great and very usefulle thermometer

    posted by MHudon77

    This is another great proposition from Dealextreme. We verified and the measures are very precise. Tired of these thermometer giving really approximate readings? Here the solution. You're just one click away from knowing the exact outside temps, the temperature of the oil in your frying pan or the temp of your chimney. You can switch it from Celsius to Fahrenheit and some might found that it was dumb to put an on/off switch there, but I really appreciate it.
    This unit does not need a lot of energy to work well!
    I'd definitely recommend this to my friends and family.


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