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laser stage lighting

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laser stage lighting Customers Reviews

  • Nice blue laser

    posted by boraicho

    Laser have very strong and nice blue (no violet but clean blue!) beam and also red laser beam. this Night Sky's Stars laser plus fog-machine equals very nice effect. the laser beams are nice visibly. and it has a reaction on sound.
    it is a cheapest blue laser on market. i use it on cottage and with us at the bar.
    i don't know what more for this :) but for this price i think that is it very good buy.
  • Amazing party machine!!

    posted by estefunky

    Small, no produce heat, good synchronization between light effects and sound, auto-random of effects, good quality of lazers, can be used for big rooms too.Hours and hours of lazer effect!!!!
    You have to probe this.I'm very happy with this, I bought 2!VERY IMPORTANT!!:I think that the best quality is that has a controller, then you can use it on distance.
    Is a good machine, if you want to make a good party you need this.
  • A good buy

    posted by tigrus

    -Feels solid. All metal.
    -Strong light. Looks awesome in darkness and even better when combined with the effect of a smoke machine.
    -Can be installed virtually anywhere quite easily.
    -Comes with a tripod for the occasions when you just want to set it up quickly.
    The sound this device makes surprised me a bit but I assume it's the same case with every other laser stage light. You'll hear the fan but when you have music on and some people around it's not a problem anymore.
    Regardless of the fact that this is supposed to be used indoors only, we set up a three day lasting outdoor party last summer and installed it in the ceiling of a 25 square meters tent. It lasted well all the humidity created by the soil, people, foam and bubble machine. Of course we made sure it is not in contact with water but still I'm quite happy everything went so well.
    A good quality stage light for a good price. All in all this light has been a pleasant surprise.
  • Pretty good; noisy fan

    posted by electricdjinn

    Fairly standard "club effects", nice to have that for myself. Sound reactivity is less fun than I hoped, but good to have.
    I'll just replace the fan with a good one I have in my junk box, and this will be a fun addition to my parties. The remote will probably get lost the third time I use it.
    Decent, minor quality issues but cheap.
  • is very good, but it came to my country (Argentina) with glass damaged

    posted by LucianoRC

    the product is very good, and encouraged my children at Christmas, projecting lights to the beat of the music ...
    I have no suggestions .. I guess I should send aretfactos controlled, I have no doubt that you are a serious company, not happened with mine .. : (
    not need to put here ...

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