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laser sight scope

Every single laser sight scope displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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laser sight scope Customers Reviews

  • Great bang for the buck (pun intended)

    posted by TRaTSeRiF

    -Price - this little red dot is dirt cheap for what it offers-Quality - on the par with $100 dots for 1/5 of the price, made in the same Chinese factory lol-Adjustment knob actually works and there are differences between the brightness levels-Stays zeroed after firing about 200 7.62x39 rounds from a Type-56 (Chinese SKS). Not sure how it would fare on an AK or an 858 as there would be more recoil due to light weight-Enough adjustment to allow for a very high scope mount at very short distances
    -I didn't test the battery life. Survived a 2 hour range session and that's all that I can say on that topic. Ordered a whole bunch of them from DX (where else lol)-I'll wanna run her on a couple of cases of ammo before I can guarantee that its good enough for centerfire use. 1/10th of the way there with about 200rds
    -Good deal for rimfire, and even for centerfire, they're so cheap that it almost pays off to use them as throwaways
  • Tacticool!

    posted by leonardlow

    The appearance of these is pro. Apart from the micro switch on the back it is difficult to tell these apart from a $400 professional red dot scope. The rail mount is absolutely rock solid - once mounted, this will not move, break off, or come undone.
    I use these on Nerf guns for sighting my gun-mounted camera during Humans vs Zombies games. It works okay, and it looks uber.
    Get one to look cool or get basic functionality. But if your (real) life depends on accurate targeting in all lighting conditions, value yourself and invest in a *real* tactical sight, k? :)

    posted by BadSelection

    very compact.price!has extra rail on the bottom making it perfect for mounting on a pistol and still having a rail for another accessory.button has nice action.
    functions as intended. perfect for a pistol. watch out badguys.
    for $15 it's an unmatched product.
  • Universal Mini Aluminum Alloy 5mW Red Laser Scope

    posted by niels150

    easy to install,
    fits to most of the guns/pistols i own,
    Made from Aluminum
    No pressure switch so ni wires on your grip
    you won't find a cheaper one then this
    is worth the money, since its universal! and faily easy to install
    if you are looking for a good, cheap universal laser, this is your choise.
  • Good enough for the money

    posted by hvdgoor

    - relatively cheap- magnification factor is just right with 3.5x to 10x- mounting it was easy- zeroing was easy- keeps it zero very well (except laser)
    This scope fit's my H&K 416D perfectly altough it feels like the rails are made for 20mm not 22.
    I'm happy with it. The zoom-factor is nice for my 25 meter indoor shooting range and the 100 meter indoo range. The laser is not that usefull as it does not retain any zero at all.

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