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laser sight rifle scope

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laser sight rifle scope Customers Reviews

  • Best for low budget enthusiast, but not hardcore

    posted by dustruct55

    Very cheap
    Dot when in the center is focused
    dot stays on target
    Solid construction
    Solid clicks when adjusting
    Wide field of view
    Does what you want
    I use it for paintball where precision of the sight isn't an issue, it is perfect for me.
    Not for the hardcore precision shooters due to distorted dot in some areas of lens but it's everything you need for amateur enthusiasts without dishing out the extra cash.
  • Great bang for the buck (pun intended)

    posted by TRaTSeRiF

    -Price - this little red dot is dirt cheap for what it offers-Quality - on the par with $100 dots for 1/5 of the price, made in the same Chinese factory lol-Adjustment knob actually works and there are differences between the brightness levels-Stays zeroed after firing about 200 7.62x39 rounds from a Type-56 (Chinese SKS). Not sure how it would fare on an AK or an 858 as there would be more recoil due to light weight-Enough adjustment to allow for a very high scope mount at very short distances
    -I didn't test the battery life. Survived a 2 hour range session and that's all that I can say on that topic. Ordered a whole bunch of them from DX (where else lol)-I'll wanna run her on a couple of cases of ammo before I can guarantee that its good enough for centerfire use. 1/10th of the way there with about 200rds
    -Good deal for rimfire, and even for centerfire, they're so cheap that it almost pays off to use them as throwaways
  • Excelent Scope!

    posted by Zenha

    he idea is great, a scope with parallax adjustments, illuminated reticle and a nice zoom.
    -Metal construction
    -Comes with 20mm mounts and caps
    -Illumination is ready to use with a fresh battery included
    The DealExtreme staff were very professional and fair, they got me a replacement (sku.13015).
    i only read about 2 guys buying this, one of them was me and the other said to have the same problem. Make your own conclusions
  • Very Good little red dot

    posted by loonwulf

    This is pretty much your standard 30mm tube style red dot sight. It seems to be about as good as most of the other sights ive used that cost up to twice or three times as much. The multiple reticle option is nice. Ive found that i like the circle and dot the best, tho the cross gets used when plinking at stuff out side of 100yds. Ive also noticed that with my particular sight the intensity lvls change quite predictably and evenly, this is something that most other cheap red dots have had issues with. Ive had this scope on my .22 browning buckmark with a 10" barrel for almost 6 months and so fare its stayed sighted.
    This makes a good starter red dot, or scope for a bash around gun. It lacks in the sealing department so i wouldnt use it as a wet weather optic without first going over it and sealing up all the junctures that could leak
    Great little red dot for the cost. I think its on par with scopes that cost twice as much. The multiple reticules are nice, but id guess that most folks will pick one or two and stick to those.
  • Great quality scope for great price!

    posted by lazlo09

    * Unbelievable low price for what you get.* Good quality scope* Parrallax adjustment 7,5 yards to 200 to infinity* Front lens sharpness adjuster* Skrewdriver-free turret adjustments* Comes with protective caps* Illuminated Mil Dot from 0-9 in brightness
    If you dont mind short eye-distance then this scope works well. You also have maybe only 1-2cm in correct eye-distance to front lens in order to get full field of view. My scope was branded "Tasco" and the quality and overall feel is very high. I can highly recommend this scope and the price is just outstanding. In my contry (sweden) a scope like this would cost atleast 300 dollar!
    A really good scope for an outstanding price, you will not be dissapointed!


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