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laser reader Customers Reviews

  • Great!

    posted by toloratedmeat

    One of the best things about this scanner is that it costs 10% of a popular brand scanner, yet has 100% of the functionality. I use this in my mobile phone repairing business to get the IMEIs using the barcode and it's so much easier. From 4mm thick barcodes to 15cm x 10cm barcodes, this thing reads them all. The build quality is fanstastic. I've dropped it about 7 times from chest height already, and it still works immaculately. Definitely worth it.
    Freaking good. Recommend to all technicians and POS people.
  • Good replacement

    posted by BoredPerson

    It's cheap and it really works! It is also very easy to install even if you don't have experience with electronics.
    It is compatable with almost every PS2 slim (entire scph 7xxxx and 9xxxx series). However it will not work in units with SPU3170! If you are not sure which laser is installed in your PS2 google SPU3170 and compare pictures with your PS2. You don't even need to disassemble your console to check this. Just open the lid and you will see your laser unit.
    Do not forget to remove protective solder! Heat it up with soldering iron and it will come off easily.
    If you wish to test your laser before putting back PS2 together hold two swithes: the first one is near the power button and the second is on the left side from DVD drive. Don't forget to put a game in and DO NOT WATCH ON WORKING LASER!
    Don't throw away your old PS2! It's easy to fix it!
  • great wireless barcode scanner, great distance

    posted by duivert

    great wireless barcode scanner, great distance, easy to install and setup, plug and play on windows, works over 35 feet (12m) indoor trough wallsvery good configurability, comes with a lot of programmable options and a handy book with barcodes to program
    european plug on charger would be nice instead of us version
    great wireless barcode scanner, great distance, easy to install and setup, very good quality for the price
  • Works awesome, great price!

    posted by MattInSoCal

    An incredible price for a laser-based scanner.Scans very quickly.Can catch barcodes from over a foot (30 cm)away.Manual is clear enough to get the unit programmed.
    The scanner installs as a USB Human Interface Device and does not require any special drivers under Windows.
    For the price, this scanner is absolutely incredible!
  • Does what it's supposed to do for a great price.

    posted by Quarn

    This costs 7 times less then a barcode reader bought locally.
    It's USB so just plug it in and away you scan.
    Reads codes from brown cardboard, orange paper, large or small.
    Behaves just like a keybord imput so can scan to Notepad/excel etc.
    I need to scan a variety of barcodes including ones printed on cardboard and coloured stickers, it reads them all.
    Internal mirror looks delicate so may not survive been dropped and I am not going to test that.
    Cheap, simple to use and works.

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