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  • Presenter

    posted by eladiosam

    - Easy to use
    - It is just what they tell, nothing more, nothing less.
    I work teaching, I used it about 3 times a week the last 6 months, and I have no problems with it. It works perfectly. Its easy to use, easy to handle. The shape its perfect to hold it in your hands during a class or a presentation. I think that I could not buy another one so great and cheaper than this one.
    I think that its perfect, so just buy it, and test it, you will not regret about it, you cand find others cheapers in DealExtrem, but I think that this one have the perfect relation between price and quality.
  • Great wireless presenter

    posted by ATN22

    -It looks very nice (blue metallic with chromed buttons)
    -As a left handed, I really enjoy the ability to use all buttons with only my thumb.
    -English manual
    -High quality electronics and circuits inside (Although the manual said not to reverse the battery, the circuit is protected against it... I don't recommand trying it as it will discharge the batteries quikly.)
    -There is a timer and it is backlited ... very usefull when it is to dark to see my own watch. Also, looking at my watch could be anoying for the audience. Looking at the presenter is much more discrete.
    -The manual said that a flash storage device can come as an option ... it might be great to have this option available on DX.
    Really nice presenter device.
    A lot of options makes it a must for a great presentation.
    It is ergonomic (for left handed, at least)
  • Great

    posted by [email protected]

    I Like the product, easy in use!!
    Great Product, !
    Great Product, !
  • Excellent for home theatre use

    posted by Qualith

    It's a must-have if you have a PC connected to your TV.Just plug it and start to use it. Very very intuitive use.It's very similar to a presenter by Trust and another by Targus, that cost twice the price.I used the branded presenter and it's very similar to this by DealExtreme.Mine comes with a black bag where you can store all the items (trackball, dongle, cable, mini-cd and instructions).Perhaps a little expensive, but still much more cheap than others.
    I need some 'Remote control' for my Home Theatre PC and this is perfect for that function.The trackball/presenter is not oriented to MS Powerpoint as similar devices, what can be a pro or a con, depending of your needs.For me this is a con.
    A must have for your HTPC.
  • excellent product

    posted by kiders

    - It's plug and play, no software needed.- Works on any operating system (Windows XP, Vista and Seven - Linux).- Very handy for changing the function of mouse and presenter.- Optimal cost value and an excellent investment for professional presentations.
    Now my presentations will be professional. Because I can pass and move like mouse slides from anywhere. I recommend this product to everyone. Excellent and great price.

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