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laser pointer flashlight

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laser pointer flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Neat, but a bit short.

    posted by Fyrius

    Laser and LED work fine, and it has a magnetic tip. Not expensive.
    This pointer is 15cm collapsed and 45cm extended, with 8 segments. For comparison, my old one is 13cm collapsed and 63cm extended and has 7 segments. I guess the LED and the laser pointer need some space.
    Even if the length was a bit disappointing, I don't regret buying this. It has a bunch of fun features and it's cheap enough.
  • Nice allround gadget or gift!

    posted by Jazz_NL

    * Looks a lot more expensive than it is. * Extendable fescue is quite handy. * Laserpointer works really well!

    * LED light is very bright.

    * Item is not too thick or big.

    * Looks (and feels) like a regular ballpoint.

    * Comes in nice giftbox.

    * Extra batteries included!
    This thing is just handy to have, and
    a very nice gift to give to someone.

    As another user stated, people around you
    really think that this is an exprensive
    item and ask you where they can get one.

    The extendable fescue is good when you want
    to point out something close to you, but for
    all things further away you can use the laser.

    The LED light is actually very bright.
    I mean, you cant use it as a flashlight
    but it's perfect when you look for stuff
    in a dark closet or the trunk of your car.
    Recommendable as it is a nice gift,
    and it doesn't cost much at all.
  • Great value

    posted by mikutzu

    Sturdy design, easy grip, the ability to have a key to use as a safety switch is a useful feature when you don't want kids or anyone else to turn it on. Another good feature is the fact that you can use CR123A batteries as well as 18650 and if you pull a bit to lengthen the spring you can use CR2 as well. You also have a bit more than 5mw. As I have no way of measuring it I would say it's at least 30mw maybe 50mw.
    Mine came with no keys but I've bought the green one as well which had two keys as it should.My battery was used, so beware.
    Decent price and quality. So Yes buy with confidence
  • Powerful light and big pointer

    posted by AirosArecnev

    -The two LEDs are very powerful, the light is perfect to see in the dark.-Batteries included.-It came with a plastic piece to do not waste the batteries in the transport.-The red laser is not as small than other pointers, so you can see it far away.
    Perfect for playing with a cat. Mine is getting crazy with it.Why don't they change the useless carabiner for a regular key ring? This kind of carabiner are good only for the photo.
    If you are still thinking about, buy it.
  • Great value

    posted by horhay

    - Inexpensive- Handy- the color is very pretty. It's a dark burgundy red. - Laser is bright and effective.- LED is also bright
    I have none, but it's quite good. I have none, but it's quite good. I have none, but it's quite good. I have none, but it's quite good. I have none, but it's quite good. I have none, but it's quite good. I have none, but it's quite good.
    It's a great, handy product. Buy a bunch of them and give them away to your coworkers.

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