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You can easily find the latest low priced laser pen led offered at our online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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laser pen led Customers Reviews

  • Simply perfect !

    posted by GuyLB

    This surprisingly sturdy and stylish gadget is very well designed and solidly built. Its size makes it practical to use and carry around. The fat barrell provides a good grasp, yet the whole thing remains light to carry and handle. The stylus tip works flawlessly on an iPad's touchscreen as well as on a Nokia Phone, while the laser pointer is just so handy to have in a meeting.
    Overall, a quality instrument at a good price, whose metal construction makes it feel rich and strong.
    Highly recommended purchase
  • Good quality laser!!!

    posted by izzyyb

    This is a good laser/ pen / flashlight for a little bit of money.the flashlight works very fine and gives a good light white light.and it has a normal 5mW laser for a little bit of money.The delivery was very vast just 8 work days to the Netherlands. (normally up to 6 weeks!)
    It is good quality for this price (3,48 $) but if you want a good quality laser This is not probably not enough for you. Delivery was very fast (to the Netherlands 8 days!!!)Just buy your stuff at dealxtreme!
    Good quality for this price!!!
  • Wow! a powerful laser!

    posted by chopetanovic

    It has an amazing laser I think it can reach about 500 meters or even more! Also, the light that can be found next to it is powerful and bright. You can use both to find things in the dark or even irritate your work/class mates hahaha =)On the other hand, the capacitive pen is accurate and very functional. You can use it for drawing or playing games. Also, if you have big fingers, it'll help you to write and manage you phone quick and easy.It comes with a jack plug to attach it to your phone, but if your phone hasn't got this kind of plug, you can take it appart and just make a knot with the strap.
    If you have a screen protector it will be worse for the capacitive pen because it doesn't work as well as without it.
  • Not bad

    posted by MrBuffon

    Its cheap for what it can do; 4 in 1, got nice style as well its working perfectly and easy to use of course for anyone without a bother. This stylus pen with the laser will help a lot during presentations.
    Nothing in my mind at the moment except that the "stylus and pen" can be opened and closed like the battery socket; by turning it, and not pulling it which made it a little loosely.
    I'm just glad that I bought it, and I appreciate this amazing site that provided it for me.
  • Best!!

    posted by Sarith11

    Easy to use.Pretty coloured lights beautifully changing smoothlyStrong Laser Beam.Goes Far.Handy.So many things to do.Great Design.Easy to keep in pocket.Great Pen.Perfect Stylus.Amazing cheap price.
    With this you can do almost everything!Wonderful.The lights are LED lights and they flash in many different colours. They blend into each colour to change. GREAT for discos and parties. Small and VERY EFFICIENT!!
    Amazing, Great quality, cheap priced item.

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