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laser module Customers Reviews

  • Burning rubber

    posted by mblogst

    Good laser pointer, it does heat and smoke black materials. Too bad that dx is not selling any more 200mW version. Or anything more powerful, like SD Laser.Laser line visible, have to check how fast will batteries go flat.
    Had problem with fallen off wire. Local service repair fixed it asap and everything sorted out with dx.
    Dx, please offer us more powerful laser modules, up to 0.5-1 W.
  • Great product and cheap! Fixes your PS3

    posted by patatman

    Very cheap replacement part compared to the pricing from my coutnry(The Netherlands).It was the whole frame with laser just like the picture. You could'nt see it was second hand.
    Just a great product, it behaves the way it's supossed to.
    If your Ps3 broke down, and replacement parts are hard to get, you should definetly buy this! My ps3 works like a brand new!
  • Good replacement.

    posted by samuelprados

    It fits perfectly and work flawlessly! Cheap! I'm definitely going to buy more, since i use them a lot in fixing ps2 systems.
    It will work on any PS2 Slim since SCPH 70000 series onwards, EXCEPT the ones that came with philips laser units SPU3170. Howhever this is a relatively rare version, but better check this before taking the risk of wasting money on a part that wont fit your system.
    ATTENTION NEWBIES: Always remember to remove the protective solder before installing or it WONT WORK!!! I've read some complaints in the forum, people saying they bought some units and none worked; i surely wouldn't trust my life to these laser units, but i also doubt many of them can come defective at the same time... it seems unlikely... so, always remember to check to remove that solder gob before saying it didn't worked. I've made a small picture of what solder to remove in a PS2 laser unit, the link is here:

    posted by TheTominater

    Very nice laser
    IT HAS A POT masive plus right there
    Good build quality
    I maxed out the pot dont worry its a sturdy laser it wont burn out if u max it, it might get a bit hot
    Very bright im guessing 10mw+ (with pot maxed)
    I recomend this
    I run mine on a single cr2 battery with the leads touching both ends and the laser module on the + side of the batery and the whole thing is covered in black electrical tape
    so its quite small
    smaller than half my thumb all together
    Good laser i recomend it
  • Great product for It's price

    posted by fouadatmeh

    It's price is very convenientThe laser comes Pre-Focused to an acceptable level (I don't know if it can get any better)Works off 2 AAA batteries
    - I pointed it to a wall from 32 cm away and measure the length of the laser to be 60cm end to end- The line Seemed to be straight enough to me (only verified with eye vision)
    I have bought this to test 3D scanning (which I haven't tried yet).. It's a generally good product regardless of the price. but for such a price, you can't go wrong.

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