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laser module 532nm

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laser module 532nm Customers Reviews

  • Alex DM

    posted by phino

    Very nice laser module! I am use on I=350ma output power less 50 mw
    Great module. Fairly well built. It's nice to have the option to put an on-board control on it, but a button makes it more of a "pointer."
    Great for DIY applications. If you can't even solder, this just needs a power source. A square or box design would be nice, but overall a decent build with quite a few applications. I really hope to see other frequencies offered soon. Combined with a similar power red and blue, blue/violet you could make a nice "laser show" unit.
  • The Ultimate

    posted by ajdnykr

    I am an astronomer and nothing helps when trying to point out the stars that make up a constillation than a green laser pointer. Since you cannot by a powerful Green laser legally in most of the USA I opted to purchase this module. It came as pictured. I simple went top radio shack and purchased a AAA battery case $1.98, spliced and soldered the wires, monted the pointer to the batter case with 2 way foam tape, electrical tapes the whole thing including the driver board and WAM... lights matches, lights up a dark room, the beam is visible in non sun light areas and an night is like a beacon into the universe.
    I tried mounting this in one of my 5mw Green laser housing. The original module on these are machine pressed into the housing and are not extractable. Don't even bother go simple like I did you will nto be disapointed.
  • Get goggles

    posted by mastertriangle

    Very powerful for the price (I would be happy paying more) and the package size. The driver circuit is excellent and will maintain constant power over a relatively large voltage range. Beam can be easily seen at night even with a bit of moon poking out.
    The button can be bypassed if you do not need it. If you do not have goggles then you should not look at the spot formed by the beam at close range, it can damage your eyes even if it does not feel like it at the time. Cheap crappy goggles can be made by finding some yellow/orange/red film and attaching to enclosed goggles, just check that the film you used does actually stop most of the beam. However these may not protect you if the full beam comes across your eye. BE CAREFUL.
    Very good, rather dangerous, I like.
  • Good but weak

    posted by paul646

    Focusable, strong and very bright beam. Easy to use.
    If you want a cheap and powerfull laser,you have to buy it!!If you don't care about the price, buy SKU: 26890 (100mW) or the SKU: 26891(200Mw) They're much more expensive but 10 times more powerfull.But you'll have to make the soldering stronger.
  • Very good module!

    posted by audiopluss

    - the laser diode can be easily replaced- driver circuit is included - very low price - easy use in any hobby - You can really see the beam in night
    For this price, an excellent buy, therefore I can only recommend.
    Besides normal use there is no problem with it.


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