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laser light show

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laser light show Customers Reviews

  • Fun little toy

    posted by mrperson

    This is a fun little toy. It is a spinning top, a light show, and a music box all rolled into one. It is especially fun if you have animals. My cats love them, although they are not quite sure what to make of them either. On my tile floor, it can keep going for a minute or longer.
    As some other reviewers have noted, the handle you use to turn it is plastic. I have not found this to be a problem. I think that the key is to turn it slowly, 1/4 to 1/2 turn at a time. As soon as there is the slightest resistance, stop turning. If you do that, you shouldn't have a problem with breaking.
    It's fun, it's cheap, and it is not something you typically see every day. Everyone I've showed has gotten a kick out of it.
  • Best laser under 80USD

    posted by lhbenedetti

    Very simple to use, good looking laser projections and compact sise. Good price when compared with local market (here in Brazil).
    Consider buying a smoke-making machine for a nice effect.
    One of the best partying products I've ever bought in dx!
  • Pretty Awesome

    posted by Alexandet5

    Its awesome... This is only the 5mW because it was the only legal one that i can get because i live in the USA. but even being only 5mW, it is super super bright. it hurts my eyes even when i shine it on a wall and look at it. And the special tip makes cool light laser show things. it sorta makes it look like very synchronized fireflies flying around. its totally worth the price
    Its great, amusing and bright.
    BUY IT, you like it.
  • Great fun for kids

    posted by supersonic

    Leds and laser will produce amazing light effects! My kid loves it, so do I!
    Definitely a little present to your kids to add to your next dx order!
  • The amusing device made as a toy

    posted by morozanav

    Funny looks, loud music, a bright luminescence of the laser, beautiful figure of illumination, reproduction of music through usb.
    Has ordered the given device at the request of the neighbour. Problems with the red laser have begun for the second day of operation. Pleasure from purchase stronglyIt is spoiled. My fault in breakage is not present, but before the neighbour I feel awkwardly)). To itself such device would not order. I like more strict Design. Something like SKU: 80070 or SKU: 44020.
    The price seems overestimated, though this rather complex electronic device. I think that, it would be better this device without function of reproduction of music, but the basic work carried out more reliably. It is good, that the feeling of vainly spent money is not added to feeling of fault before the neighbour)).

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