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    posted by henrykazuo

    this little device really has a bright beam..
    i was expecting something weak and not to poweful but this is really awesome
    the dot is focused, and you can see the beam in fog days and dust days.
    pretty heavy and fits my keychain
    my friends tried to get it from me but i didnt let it go, its very cool and i'll probably buy more in the future, its worth a buy
    very good, im really satisfied with this product, i bought it withoud reading any review(probably this is the first) and I didnt go wrong
  • Draw the line

    posted by himpo

    Well, it is perfect.
    Got this as my first laser because it makes a line.
    BRIGHT! (compared to a 1mW one in a thermal meter I have)
    Heavy metal chrome, sexy to the touch.
    I keep 'scanning' everything I see, and wait for the bleep ;)
    Made a nice video in the dark with people walking in the linebeam.
    forget lights, use this when you walk in the dark and you still 'see'.
    It's like living in a vector world! ;)
  • Blue beauty

    posted by llasher

    Nice build qualityLooks fine
    Looks good on a keyring and packaged nicely so could be given as a gift.
    Recommended: hopefully will come back in stock so I can buy another.
  • 2 LEDs light up your life, substantial red laser

    posted by Gamleged

    . Two LEDs are clearly better than one, on this keychain unit
    . The red laser will print a visible dot on a white target 1/2 mile away, it's notably stronger than you'd expect
    . Unit and carabiner seem substantially built
    I've bought and used the lesser 1 LED/laser unit (offered by DX as a 4-pack) for about 1/2 the per-item price of this unit and wore one for a while and gave others away, but this happily replaces the smaller unit.
    The two LEDs will provide a much better spread of light, great for a keychain item, and the laser will reach out as well as some I've seen advertised as 5mW lasers, a laser also much brighter than earlier keychain items I've seen/owned.
    Powered by included three chunky LR44 batteries which should last a good long time.
  • 3 in 1 Laser/LED

    posted by Meirx

    It's very very very cheap if you think that you get one red laser, one white LED and one UV LED in one pack! Laser and LEDs are very good.It looks good.It fits in hand.
    If you are looking for cheap little laser then buy one.It's great fun if you have dog or cat or some animal.You can play with this all day long.My dog follows the laser as long as I can play with it.
    It's nice little toy.

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