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laser guide Customers Reviews

  • Worth it for small jobs

    posted by istacdbr

    - Low price (the very most important pro);
    - easy to use;
    - batteries easy to find;
    - good laser light projected;
    It's a good way to level your pictures and small things. The projection line is very good. The transparent map pins are very useful and helpful.
    It's a good thing to get for small jobs and home jobs. It's the kind of thing you will want to have to prevent staining your wall.
  • Very nice!

    posted by knimrod

    Bright Laser line.Fits adult and children's hands fairly well.
    There are adjustment screws which I assume are for aligning the the laser with the cutting path. I didn't mess with it as it was pretty well aligned as delivered.

    These are right-hand scissors.
    All in all, these scissors are an excellent bargain and very useful for cutting large sheets of paper where it's difficult to cut a straight and predictable path. The kids loved it.
  • Good tool for architects

    posted by lulla3

    If you are in the architecture business or even if you are just trying to remodel your home by yourself, this is a very good tool to measure and make your shopping much more accurate. You can decide what size of couch you should by and how much longer cable you should by to install that HD TV.
    no other thoughts but that I am tired to fill this field even thought I have nothing to say.
    Good price, easy to use and good delivery time
  • Works and is precise.

    posted by maverikmaverik

    Very, very cheap, Battery included, precise if you know wow to use ultra sonic meter range, and the range is good for ultra sonic. good for hobby and a eventual measure.
    for the price, is as good as we can get, but understand the limitations, and be happy.
    works very fine.
  • Great and very usefulle thermometer

    posted by MHudon77

    This is another great proposition from Dealextreme. We verified and the measures are very precise. Tired of these thermometer giving really approximate readings? Here the solution. You're just one click away from knowing the exact outside temps, the temperature of the oil in your frying pan or the temp of your chimney. You can switch it from Celsius to Fahrenheit and some might found that it was dumb to put an on/off switch there, but I really appreciate it.
    This unit does not need a lot of energy to work well!
    I'd definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

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