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  • WOW great product !

    posted by Ofleisher

    this is a great product ! it makes your life very simple if you need to measure rooms for example if you move to a new house ! even to check SQM is easy ! bright LCD and very easy to learn how to use - no need even to read the guide .
    The only thing I would add to this product is a carry case when storing it
    I think that even professional builders will enjoy to use it on their day to day work. I simply save time ! big time !
  • Works fine, a bit big

    posted by albero78

    It works as promised.It comes with a battery included.It has an on/off switch.The building quality appears to be acceptable.
    I will give it as a gift to my father in law who is a retired architect and I will maybe buy another one for me. :)
    If you need a distance meter this one does the job.It is of course cheaper than professional ones you can buy in Europe.I bought it to check the areas of the rooms when I visit houses for sale, since the sellers often cheat on the real sizes of the rooms.
  • Works and is precise.

    posted by maverikmaverik

    Very, very cheap, Battery included, precise if you know wow to use ultra sonic meter range, and the range is good for ultra sonic. good for hobby and a eventual measure.
    for the price, is as good as we can get, but understand the limitations, and be happy.
    works very fine.
  • Great Value

    posted by Joflixen

    Excellent device, Fast and consistent measure time. Great functions other than just measuring distance (measure list, volume, height).Accuracy has been extremely good for the cost comparison to comparable devices in the $400AU range.
    Good build quality, feels solid in the hand. Comes with belt-pouch if you're into that. Display is easy to read and good visibility at wide angles.Being used as a quick & accurate point & measure tool by professional Architects.
    Worth purchasing 3 of these for the price of other 'market leader' laser measure devices.
  • A good tool to help you take measurements via laser few seconds.

    posted by abuasem

    Wonderful in the measurement of distances and areas.Four shows the results of a one-time on the screen.Stores the results.???? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ???????? ????? ???? ?????? ???? ???? ??? ?????? ??????? ???
    no thoughts?? ???? ??? ?????
    A good tool.Measuring volume, area, length, pythagorean indirect measurement, max. value and min. valueApplication1.9" LCD, max measuring distance: 60m, precision: +/-2mm; Continual measuring function: yes; Measuring unit: mm/in/ft; Add and substract measurement function: Yes; Max storage: 99 units;

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