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If you want to purchase laser 3v, this is your best place to buy it. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

laser 3v Customers Reviews

  • Extremely durable

    posted by Chrysalid

    - push button (easy to solder shut if you want to)
    - FOCUSABLE! (it isn't said in the description but its indeed focusable)
    - it's REALLY bright (once its warmed up the collimated spot is hard to look on directly)
    - current regulating pot
    - durable! (it has withstood a mishap with a soldering iron)
    - doesn't heat up too much (about 40-50 degrees celsius after 15 minutes)
    A great laser for first-timers. Just connect to power leads to 3V input (2xAA batteries for example) and you're good to go. Beware the power potentiometer, it could fry the unit if you constantly shift the power.
  • Powerful purple laser

    posted by GigaSan

    * Very high laser output* Brass lens holder, (glued into position)* High UV output* Power supply and switch attached
    Wear eye protection (laser googles) when playing with this laser module.
    Purple laser with high output. Be careful using it !
  • zybke

    posted by zybke

    I bought this module is shining very brightly, brighter than 30mW.Value for money good enough.3V supply him well enough.
    Very easy to use, just press one button and it lights up already, it saves the batteries.A strong body, well, a little shovels should be combined.May be formed from the laser show.
    Definitely would recommend it to discerning buy a lot of interesting things can be made from it.I am satisfied with the delivery very quickly and sent by air mail delivered to your home.
  • Burning rubber

    posted by mblogst

    Good laser pointer, it does heat and smoke black materials. Too bad that dx is not selling any more 200mW version. Or anything more powerful, like SD Laser.Laser line visible, have to check how fast will batteries go flat.
    Had problem with fallen off wire. Local service repair fixed it asap and everything sorted out with dx.
    Dx, please offer us more powerful laser modules, up to 0.5-1 W.
  • Great laser

    posted by sixbow

    nice green laser , you can see it at nightquite a nice price. but is is chinese quality so its a good idea to buy more than one!
    Always be carfull , you should know what you are doing.and i thought it was handy to bypass the switch and put the laser on a pice of wood. that way you got a solid laser
    good quality price ratio

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