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  • excellent!!

    posted by nystorowycz

    Conveniently portable and easy-to-use, it allows you to focus on what matters most - your presentation. Simple forward & back controls are complemented with a clever blackout out screen button letting you hide your slides whilst you manage them or direct attention away from the screen and to you
    Bright red laser pointer - easy to see against most backgrounds
    Wireless presenters can make the difference between a good presentation and an excellent presentationIts designed to help you make your point. Its intuitive slideshow controls help you navigate through your presentation with confidence. Buttons are easy to find by touch. And its shape feels great in your hand
  • Excelent presenter!

    posted by gbagnis

    this is really amazing presenter, has very useful functions like is to blank screen or have automatic power point of the active window, etc.The materials and finishing are good. The buttons work well, although very noisy, making a very rude click
    I really think it's a very good presenter for its price and quality. This is similar to the original Targus that I had, but much smaller, which is good. Your laser red dot is very good and accurate.Battery consumption is very low and works well with 1.2 volt rechargeable battery without any problems
    very good presenter price and quality. Works perfectly!
  • cheap and does everything you need

    posted by Sethulhu

    always wanted an easy to use and quick presenter? this will be your best bet. the quality build is great, the wireless dongle will help to go as far as you need in any presentation istuation. there is nothing better than a 15$ presenter that does just that. without complications
    must have for anyone in need to present at anytime using any laptop or mac. there has to be one for any sales person who does alot of events or meetings with presentations.
    get it, worth it, must have it,
  • Very bright!

    posted by wtarr

    Extremely bright, even more than the 20mW module alone. The beam is thinner, probably 0.2 or 0.3mm, though the spot is so bright that it looks larger when cast to a wall. I could burn holes in very thin black paper and draw on chocolate. I suspect it's more than 5mW, don't aim at anyone. The beam is very visible in the sky, which is convenient to show stars. The AAA battery was included.
    Be very careful not to aim it at living people. The reflection of the spot on paper is blinding. The beam is visible at more than one kilometer. Even in the sky it could probably be dangerous for planes, so be very careful. I didn't see it reflect on clouds however.
    Very good for the price, better than experimenting with naked modules which require some batteries whose shape is never suited. Totally useless but fun :-)
  • Fun and useless

    posted by wtarr

    Stabler and easier to use than the naked module. The beam is bright enough to be visible at night, despite the wavelength to which the eye is not much sensible. Comes with its AAA battery, looks clean.
    I tried it with the gypsophilia cap that came with my green pointer. It looks much better, you can plot a large number of stars on a ceiling or on books and various stuff that fluoresce in many different colors. I should have bought it in this version.
    Nice toy, but buy it with a gypsophila cap if available. It's as much useless but offer additional possibilities.


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