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large butane torch

Check out the great large butane torch to see if there is any that suits you. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.

large butane torch Customers Reviews


    posted by Kolorado

    - THE PRICE.- 10/10 build quality - all bits are metal- Big flame.. no.. REALLY BIG FLAME!!(GREAT FOR PIROMANIACS)- big gas tank- Easy to use - Easy and fast refill, also butane gas is cheap- Very hot flame- doesn't overheat and melt(as some other plastic torches)- stable stand- lock switch- stable flame (doesn't flicker/spit)
    *musthave in house item*great for home projects
    You will be surprised how useful it really is.
  • Very nice torch

    posted by AlexRmzH

    Great looking torch, works perfectly. It even came with a little butane charge (didn't think it could be shipped like that) but already charged with a butane can. There is an adjustable knob to change the flame to a more "cigarette lighter" type. To adjust the full torch flame I found the bottom screw where you recharge the fuel is better.
    Way better than other torches I could find in stores and you can't beat the price. Get it !
  • Great for lighting coals form my water pipe

    posted by ilianbg

    - Very hot flame
    - Lights coals in seconds
    - You can choose between jet and normal flame
    - Large capacity
    - Very reliable
    The gift box is useless and it should probably be optional. The torch is not shipped empty (as the description clames). Be very careful when using you may cause an accident especially considering it takes 5-10 sec to extinguish after releasing the button.
    This torch is a must have. It is of a decent built quality and very easy to use.
    It's irreplaceable if you need to light coals.
    I'm planning to try it for desoldering electronic components as well.
  • It works great. Is fun to use.

    posted by AlexizupinheaT

    It works great. I've had fun already burning things - popcorn for example (butter, cheddar, and caramel. Caramel was obviously the coolest to burn). It feels like good quality. It is a strong flame and can burn many things.
    I have not modded mine yet, but I may in future. From what I hear, the flamethrower is AWESOME.
    Its a good price and it very strong. It holds a good amount of butane and keeps a healthy burning torch. You imagination is your limit to having fun with this amazing lighter.
  • Good buy

    posted by cyriusbe

    Handy, easy to manipulate. It can be locked in "fire" position.The flame intensity can be changed on the base (+/- by turning the base).The flame can be intensive (much air given) or more "lighting" (air off).Startin it is easy, while depending of the gaz it can take time.There is a plastic "foot" socket allowing to have it vertically stabilized so you can work with you two hands. Shrinking tue are working well with it (not melting flame ;-) ). The price, the easy of use, the one you must have!
    Took ages to arrive home for unknown reason :-(. (ordered sept to arrive nov)
    I have not yet try to melt al, but i think of a lot of usage, including helping starting BBQ ;-).

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