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laptop usb Customers Reviews

  • Keeps bottom of laptop cool

    posted by hazna88

    I have a dell inspiron 8600 which is a 15.4" notebook. I find that the laptop has a few hot spots down the bottom that is very noticeable when I play games for prolonged periods (I actually get worried that the heat might damage components). This works really well in helping to keep these hot spots cool.
    not too sure if the other USB ports in this are 1.1 or 2.0
    DX new review count is really lame. What am I meant to write an essay about each lame product?
    Good item that works well in keeping my laptop cool. Its quite reasonably priced. But the build quality is not the greatest, I could imagine it getting damaged easily.
  • Cool Lamp

    posted by zayed

    - Directly plug the USB LED Light into the USB port on your laptop- No external power supply is needed- Gently adjust the flexible neck of USB LED light to position you wish
    I liked it very much! I bought it to taste it and It is giving good service to me now! I use it as Reading Lamp!:O)
    Hope you will like it too!
  • Excellent card.

    posted by JuanAlv

    This card allows to obtain very high speeds by adding also two USB ports new that can be powered externally for devices that need it. It is a very stable in its compartment card be full format, not the Strait which requires an adapter to limit his lateral movement in the compartment of the PC.Regarding its installation is very simple thanks to the disk that accompanies it, read correctly the CD since sometimes there may be problems with the MiniDisc that accompanies certain cards and requires search drivers on internernet, doing more after the installation process.
    Good buy at a very good price to upgrade ports USB 2.0 to 3.0.
    Simply perfect acquisition.
  • piece of mind

    posted by tramo

    I have an athlon in my laptop so generates fair amount of heat , so this is a real piece of mind to have it underneath.can fold this one and use it in the bed,couch etc.You can actually feel the draught when you're typing on top its greatIt was the most expensive one (in dealextreme terms) but well worth it
    fantastic buy for prolonging a laptops life
  • Good

    posted by DiegoOK

    small size, long usb connector, lightweight, with a simple user interface, intuitive, easy installation, good user manual.
    I do not know if the cable is of very good quality is a bit fragile but nothing that can spoil use.
    Great price, nothing more to say
    small size, long usb connector, lightweight, with a simple user interface, intuitive, easy installation, good user manual.

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